Fringe Festival Diary Day One

It was an early start for both me and Jo yesterday as we set off on our trip to Edinburgh.  We were due to arrive into Waverley at roughly the same time as I got the train and Jo flew from down south.  As it was I arrived into Waverley and Jo was on a tram coming from the airport.  She got off, according to the tram driver 2 seconds away from the station but in a surreal phone conversation as we both described what we could see, we realised we had no idea where the other one was.  I did what any one would – I got a taxi and told him to find Jo – and he did.

We eventually got a twin room, unpacked what we needed and set off to pick up tickets, press passes and flyers – lots and lots of flyers.  We know today we need to buy a bag for all the flyers.

The Royal Mile was empty considering but it was afternoon and the first day of the fringe so some artists may have been performing and prepping and hopefully today will be busier.

We saw three shows yesterday – ranging between magnificent and meh and you can find the reviews on here and decide for yourselves what we enjoyed most.

Today is a typical example of Edinburgh Fringe weather with hailstones the size of wee Scottie dogs against a beautiful blue sky

The adventure continues

Buzz the Musical

Lady Macbeth and her pal Megan

Trainspotting Live