Discover the “real” Egypt in Egyptian Extravaganza in May

Egyptian Extravaganza

May 10th – 13th 2017, COLAB Factory

Discover the “real” Egypt in Egyptian Extravaganza, a comical and thought-provoking immersive cabaret-inspired theatre performance, where roaming characters invite you to explore the impact the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb had on everything from fashion and film to music and dance in the West. Come to a night of new old fashioned intrigue and entertainment, as you are or dressed up to the nines in your best Egyptian finery, but do hold onto your jewellery – you never know what might lurk in the shadows…

What happens when you disturb the tomb of a notorious pharaoh? The world goes totally Tut mad! Travel back in time to 1920s Egypt, where King Tut engages archaeologists in a battle of wit and witticisms over what is the ‘real’ Egypt. In this immersive cabaret-esque show, the audience are invited to participate in a comical argument set between King Tut and the archaeologists who discovered his tomb while they encounter and explore real accounts (and not so real) from 1920s-50s Egypt.

Egyptian Extravaganza explores the concepts of cultural appropriation and its supposed antithesis – authenticity. The show is designed to use iconic imagery and specific histories to create a narrative that explores these famous characters, whilst also challenging how the West portrays and romanticises Egypt – looking at “Tut-mania” from the perspective of authentic Egyptian culture and the appropriated inspiration it gave to everything from Hollywood films to fashion for multiple decades.

Producer Soha Khan worked in Saudi Arabia with the King Abuldaziz Centre for World Culture, where she programmed performances and produced art projects. She worked as a production assistant with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain on the Commonwealth Games, and is working with Les Enfants Terribles, Seabright Productions and Complicite. She is also Associate Producer for The Quentin Dentin Show, coming to the Tristan Bates Theatre. Director Rosalind Othen trained at Rose Bruford College and her credits include NEWtopia with No Brand Collective and Reluctant Authority at Brink Festival 2016. Designer Katie Melton is currently pursuing her MFA at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. In addition to design, she also directs and performs. Recently, she assistant directed Love’s Labours Lost and The Tempest with Trinity Shakespeare Festival in Fort Worth, Texas.