Dancing Queen Review

Dancing Queen – Civic Theatre, Darlington

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Director and Choreographer: Alan Harding


This is not Mamma Mia, neither is it a tribute band, it is not just a cabaret but also an unashamed cheese fest of the songs of Abba with a liberal sprinkling of some classic disco tunes from the 70’s.

The scenery is reminiscent of a ship, with the dancers appearing on deck with a background of a million stars, and the lighting and the glitter balls help to set the mood.

Striking from the outset is the fact that the dancers are not very good at miming and one of the dancers isn’t particularly good at dancing. To be fair there were a lot of exhausting dance routines to remember but you do find yourself drawn to watching her doing the wrong steps rather the others who are dancing seamlessly and fantastic. The costume changes are many and fast with a lot of sparkle, feathers and ruffles. The four main singers have amazing vocals and are very talented.

The second half seems to have more energy than the first and the dancers come into the stalls to get the audience up on to their feet. We had dancing in the aisles during Dancing in the Street.

There are some poignant vocals during a Bee Gee’s medley, given the sad news regarding Robin Gibb this week. But some high vocals and camping during a Village People medley of YMCA and In the Navy helped to lighten the mood.

It’s difficult to stop yourself from clapping and singing along to instantly recognisable songs and by the end your will be up on your feet dancing the Abba Megamix. If you want to have fun and a good sing along then get yourself along to Dancing Queen and you will be guaranteed a fun night out.