Creative industries crowdfunder aims to help 1,000 creatives who’ve been hit hard to get back on their feet

Creative industries crowdfunder aims to help 1,000 creatives who’ve been hit hard to get back on their feet

The Creative Industries Federation and Creative England have announced that their crowdfund will be dedicated to helping those facing real hardship – for every £ raised, they’re aiming to give the creatives who need it most the tools they need to get back on their feet.

They have set a target to raise over £30,000 to enable them to distribute 1,000 free memberships to the Creative Industries Federation and tickets to their 3 day flagship festival, Creative Coalition, through their partner networks including the Creative Mentor Network and the Film + TV Charity.

This will provide those struggling in the sector with:

  • Extensive networking opportunities to ensure they get their work in front of the right people
  • Free business and personal growth resources
  • Access to weekly events and workshops
  • The chance to shape government opinion through advocacy consultations
  • The opportunity to join the largest online creative community via our Federation Workplace
  • Attendance to our three-day festival, Creative Coalition which is designed to be packed with help and information, as well as enable them to

Both Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation are independent, not-for-profit organisations that connect, support and champion all of the UK’s world-leading creative industries. Together they form the UK’s biggest creative network, spanning across all of the creative industries – across film, fashion, art, architecture, design, music and all that’s in between.

Caroline Norbury MBE, CEO, Creative England and Creative Industries Federation, said:

The creative industries employ over 2 million people in the UK and every one of those people has been impacted by the pandemic in some way. Theatres are still empty, music venues are closed, galleries are operating at a loss, film & TV productions are navigating COVID rules to try to keep going, the fashion industry is still recovering from being ground to a halt, to name but a few of the issues facing our sector. We’ve talked to our members and know first-hand that thousands of creatives are still in crisis, particularly those freelancers who have fallen through the gaps of government support and young people trying to start their careers during the most impossible of circumstances.

What people in the creative industries need now is connection – to each other, to opportunities, to inspiration for a brighter future. As a not-for-profit organisation, we connect, support and champion all of the UK’s creative industries, and we believe that connection changes everything. That’s why we have launched our crowdfund to enable our community to come together to reach out and help those in our industry facing the worst of times and give them the chance to connect, and access the support, education and job opportunities and advice – with a little bit of inspiration – to help them get back on their feet.

“No-one who works in creative industries should be left feeling alone and isolated from the support they need to get through. We know everyone is feeling stretched but we’re asking those who can to pledge whatever they can. Every £1 raised will go to helping freelancers and young people who have been knocked by this crisis.”

The crowdfunder includes “Buy One, Give One” rewards, where for every festival pass selected as a reward, they will give the equivalent to someone on creative industries who needs it. For every £30 raised the Creative Industries Federation will also give membership and a pass to a creative practitioner impacted by the crisis.

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