Carole King Songbook Review

Town Hall, Yeadon – 27 September 2019

Reviewed by Katie Goldsbrough


The Carole King Songbook showcases a lot of well-known songs, both hits for Carole King herself and written by her for others. We were also given bits of information about Carole’s life, relationships and the people she wrote songs for.

The singing was average with one of the four singers (Eve) standing out from the others having a much better voice. Drowned out a lot by the loud band in the background it was often difficult to hear what was being sung. Only Eve had a strong enough voice to be heard throughout.

It had the feel of a cheesy 80’s disco, so if that’s something you wold like then this is for you. Many people were on their feet at the end singing and dancing along.

The lights were often blinding so you had to turn away from the stage and consisted of coloured disco lights and a disco ball, all quite basic.

The drummer was sat behind a clear screen it was unclear as to why this was as the rest of the band had none of this. The choreography was very basic, consisted of only a few dance moves anyone could do and they were often out of time with each other.

Some performances were good quality, particularly You’ve Got a Friend which was performed sat on stools so the performers could focus on their voice. Although this too was accompanied by cheesy dance moves.

Other well-known songs featured included: Where You Lead the theme song for the hit show The Gilmore Girls, Take Good Care of my Baby and the finale The Loco-motion.

It had the feel of being at a working men’s club, if you like cheesy disco singers this is for you.