Southampton Mayflower – until 5th March 2022

Reviewed by Lucy Hitchcock


Robert Lopez Trey Parker’s award winning ‘Book of Mormon’ brings its mission to Southampton-and it will make you laugh until you cry!!

We join Elder’s Price and Cunningham (Robert Colvin and Connor Peirson) as they try to speak to a tribe in Uganda and preach to them the word of God – the Book of Mormon. Hilarity ensues as this perfect pair have fights and eventually make up, as Elder Price is devastated to be in Uganda and not Orlando. Elder Cunningham (Peirson) is stupendous; both charming and entrancing, he really carries this show to perfection. Along with his perfect comedic timing and brilliant vocals (excelling in Man Up), he fills the stage and elevates the show to the highest heights! Robert Colvin as Elder Price, the long suffering ‘best friend’ of Elder Cunningham, has a lovely voice and made the audience laugh with his brilliantly selfish persona. Upon arrival in Uganda, we meet Nabalungi (Avila Tulley) the daughter of Mafala (Ewen Cummings). Both Nabalungi and Mafala are incredibly fantastic characters, paying homage to both Lopez and Parker’s writing excellence. Mafala (Cummings) sings easily the most offensive but hard hitting song ‘Hasa Diga Eebowai’ with ease and perfection. Tulley has a lovely innocence during her solo ‘Sal Tlay ka Siti’. The ensemble are also superb during this performance, with a special mention to Jordan Lee Davies as Elder McKinley. He has a brilliant stage presence and performed the role with ease and complete believability.

This show is a true testament to all cast and creatives with the costuming and set design being so exquisite. Having seen the show before on the west end, this is a stunning performance and is definitely not one to miss! Be warned there are swearing and explicit references during, so may not be suitable for under 14’s. Definitely go to catch the show and join the mission of Southampton!