Bonnie and Clyde Review

Mayflower, Southampton – until 6th April 2024

Reviewed by Lucy Hitchcock


Bonnie & Clyde Production ©Richard Davenport

This incredibly gritty, hard hitting, emotional yet beautiful musical is the perfect watch in Southampton this week!

Starring Alex James Hatton and Katie Tonkinson as the eponymous ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ alongside Sam Ferriday and Catherine Tyldesley as Clyde’s brother and sister in law ‘Buck and Blanche’ this foursome are the perfect casting for our main characters. Following a small snippet of the life and eventual death of Bonnie and Clyde, we are transported back to the 1900’s and follow their story-from their first meet, to their final breaths. It’s not often that I go into a musical knowing only one or two songs and barely any of the story line, but I was playing this soundtrack on repeat as soon as I left the theatre. The vocals, delivery, harmonies and integrity of every song was perfect – leaving me in tears during the second act!

Tonkinson excelled during ‘Dyin’ ain’t so bad’, with Hattons stand out song being ‘When I ride’, however together during the reprise of ‘Dyin’ ain’t so bad’ as they duetted was the epitome of perfection. This is just the most incredible casting from Jim Arnold. Tyldesley and Ferriday also had unbelievable vocals and commanded the stage at every turn. Tyldesley was the perfect casting for Blanche-with an extremely dramatic character arc written brilliantly by Ivan Menchall and perfectly accompanied with Frank Wildhorn and Don Black’s lyrics and music. 

Every ounce of this performance was perfect-from the bottom of the stage right up to the rafters. The ensemble were amazing and perfectly complimented every scene with stunning harmony blends and dancing. Jaz Ellington deserves a special mention for his stunning performance as the ‘Preacher’- he was superb. 

This is a triumph – with chemistry, sultry tones, jaw dropping performances and a smidge of death, destruction and chaos, why don’t you raise a little hell this week and get a glimpse of Bonnie and Clyde? They are on the run, so you must be quick to catch them, before they catch you!