Billionaire Boy Review

Sunderland Empire – until 22 May 2022

Reviewed by Lyall Mum and Son


Billionaire Boy is a wonderful, family fun show with a great lesson behind the story. We are introduced to the billionaire boy “Joe” played by Matthew Gordon and fascinated by the HUGE screen he uses to play his games console. A perfect way to reel the children in to get to know him. The billionaire dad, played by Matthew Mellalieu is introduced as a stereotypical money making “snob” due to his brilliant loo roll invention! Throughout, we continue to love him and his humour. It’s sad to see the relationship between them both revolve around money when in fact we learn very quickly that Joe is only wanting to feel loved and special. His journey to a new comprehensive school is intriguing but very relatable due to the variety of stereotypes and teachers. “Walk, don’t run” is the perfect number where you hear the adults chuckling! We remember those days!

Whilst keeping his fortune and fame a secret, Joe starts his new comprehensive school. We meet the most lovable character “Bob” played by Jake Lomas who becomes Joe’s best friend. They become the perfect duo, a friendship your grandma always wants for their grandson! We love Bob almost right away due to his adorable background helping his mum with it being just the two of them.

Other characters we meet along the way are The Grubbs twins who are the school bullies, Raj the typical corner shop owner, a bazaar and wild dinner lady, annoying school teachers and a gold digger. All are characters we have met in the real world but with a humorous twist.

We learn that Dad and Joe are quite similar due to the helicopter appearance from Dad, buying out a friend and using money to defend another (Go see, you’ll see what I mean!) All leading to failure…. But is it really?

Little Lyall really enjoyed this one and said “This is one of the best shows we have seen Mum!”. And that’s coming from an eight year old boy who dreams of all the consoles in the world, the money in the world and popularity. Little Lyall especially enjoyed the new kid who we meet in act 2. I could hear him “spitting rhymes” in my left ear…….thanks for that. Billionaire Boy created a great conversation between Little Lyall and Mum. “Money really doesn’t mean everything, does it mum?” and if that comes out from a young child then thank you David Walliams for writing a meaningful and entertaining piece!