Billionaire Boy Review

Bloomsbury Theatre, London- until 5 January 2020

Reviewed by Sabrina Fancy


Billionaire Boy is the theatre adaptation of the popular David Walliams children’s boy of the same name. Billionaire Boy follows 12-year-old Joe Spud who is one of the richest boys in the UK due to his father’s profitable invention of “Bum Fresh” Toilet Rolls.

Joe (Matthew Gordon) has everything money can buy but is still very unhappy. His father (Jason Furnival) prefers spending money and showering Joe with gifts as opposed to spending time with him and with no siblings and an impending stepmother only a few years older than him, Joe is very lonely.

In his pursuit to assuage his loneliness and find some friends, he leaves his posh public school and joins the local comprehensive school where his identity (and financial background) is concealed in the pursuit of making some friends who won’t judge him on superficial things, but on his character.

What ensues is 2+ hours of sheer entertainment for adults and children alike. The performers were absolutely brilliant, many cast members played numerous roles and delivered high octane performances throughout. Raj (played by Aosaf Afzal) who was the shopkeeper who was very amusing was a standout for me along with the dinner lady Mrs Trafe played by Emma Matthews. Rosie Coles plays gold digger Sapphire (along with other parts) intent of marrying Joe’s father for his money and Joe’s father was ever entertaining. Exceptional performances by Joe and his best friend as well.

All of the actors brought the quirky characters to life and kept with the spirit of the book, down to the costumes of the characters.

There was never a dull moment and my otherwise distracted children were very entertained. The set was made out of loo rolls and the show was peppered with a number of enjoyable musical numbers which added to the humour and upbeat nature of the show. There were a lot of ‘ bum’ jokes throughout which caused ripples of laughter among the audience.

This was a very amusing and touching production. My children both who have read the book- had high expectations for the show that were met, and it was great seeing the characters come to life on stage.

If you are looking for a great family show over the Christmas break- you have found it. Billionaire Boy teaches a valuable lesson of what is really important and shows the importance of relationships over money.