Benidorm Review

New Victoria Theatre, Woking – until 2 February 2019

Reviewed by Becky Doyle


From start to finish I could not take my eyes off the stage, the colours, the costumes and the actors were mesmerising. Having been a fan of the TV show the stage show did not disappoint!

For me, Adam Gillen (Liam) was my standout performance, he had me in stitches. Not only that, he made me feel compassion for Liam with his naivety and vulnerability that shone through. The story flowed well, with the Hotel Inspector being the least expected suspect. It provided the gasp moment that was heard throughout the theatre at the end before the show came to a close with a fantastic, interactive song and dance.

The set of the show was utilised to its best, with the feeling that you travelled with them throughout the resort getting ready to have your hair cut by Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) or a cocktail made by Mateo (Jake Canuso), which leads me to on him. He was fantastic, and continuously played to the crowds. During the talent show scene, he had the audience clapping and wanting to dance along whilst realising how utterly talented he is with his background in dance.

Overall, this show was one that even if you weren’t familiar with the TV series you could get involved with and enjoy. I would recommend it to anyone who was up for a giggle and for someone who wanted a let loose show.