Bang Bang!

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Guildford – until 7 March 2020

Reviewed by Becky Doyle


A fantastic cast and one who carried out the storyline brilliantly. Tessa Peake-Jones and Tony Gardner in particular did not disappoint, and Wendi Peters was a surprise when she sang, who knew she had such a voice?! Unfortunately for me, the story itself did not live up to expectations and I was left feeling maybe I’d missed something. I’d had in my mind, real belly laugh, fall off my chair kind of humor and that just isn’t what it was. However, others in the audience were and that leads me to think that maybe there was a generational gap.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the show, it just didn’t meet my expectations. The set was laid out fantastically, and the change in scenery was one of the best parts of the show where Wendi Peters displayed her fabulous vocal abilities, as well as the comical interaction with the actors of the show.

I did enjoy the occasional audience interaction, that you can get form a smaller theatre, where the actors reacted to the audience’s claps, sniggers and cooing. All of the cast looked like there were thoroughly enjoying their parts and the characters they brought to life.

Overall, the show was enjoyable, and the second half was much more entertaining than the first. But, I do think I would recommended it to a slightly more mature audience as they seemed to have the most enjoyment from the show on the night.