Avenue Q Review

King’s Theatre, Glasgow – until 29 June 2019

Reviewed by Siobhan Wilson


This adult take on The Muppets is for the more mature audience, or should I say immature? ‘Monster’ puppets, ‘Human’ puppets and humans all living on the same street in disharmony. A new graduate moves in and immediately integrates into the neighbourly dynamic whilst trying to find his ‘Purpose’ in life. One of the monster puppets is a teacher and is working on her goal of opening a Monster School. Two good friends who have lived together since college are questioning their sexuality. An engaged human couple plan their marriage. There are also the bad idea bears who try to influence those around them into having a good time. And finally, that one Monster neighbour that is all about watching porn.

At the start of the show you are very aware that the characters are puppets. The puppeteers are singing and dancing as the puppets, but by the end of the production you are just seeing the puppets as the character and you are not aware of who is holding which puppet. The puppeteer’s ability to voice 2 different characters with such different accenting is amazing. And every one of them had phenomenal voice control with regards to the singing. The puppetry added to the characterisation such as the pointed looks at the audience.

This is a laugh a minute production and with the suggestiveness in parts, I found myself laughing at comments there were innocent. The songs are hilarious and 100% relatable from ‘It sucks to be me’ to ‘Schadenfreude’ via ‘Everyone’s a little bit racist’ and ‘The Internet is for Porn’. The only disappointment for me was that the show had to end. I cannot wait to go and see this again as it is the most I’ve belly laughed in such a long time.