Aspects of Love Press Launch

Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester, M4 7JA

Thursday July 5th 2018 until Thursday August 9th 2018.

Attended by Julie Noller

Today I had the priviledge to see regional theatre in its rawest and most exciting form when I was invited to attend Hope Studios for the press release of Hope Mill Theatres latest venture; Aspects of Love. Based on the novel by David Garnett, with music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics written by Don Black and Charles Hart. It retells the story of love and indeed loss across three generations of the same family beginning in 1940’s France, for love has many aspects.

It’s an exciting time for Hope Mill co-founder Joeseph Houston, who stated that it is an honour to bring Aspects away from the bright lights of the West End stage to be profesionally produced within regional theatre for the very first time. The pride for this small theatre is immense, with Producer Katy Lipson beaming as she sings the praises of the Manchester venue. Aspects of love is Directed by Jonathan O’Boyle, who wasn’t wrong when he said, our ears were in for a treat. That’s the joy of regional theatre and indeed this production; you somewhat get a sense that it really doesn’t know just how good it’s potential is. We were introduced to each member of the ten strong cast who appear extremely relaxed in each others company, cheering and clapping each other along with a confidence and ease I can only dream of. To watch and be a part of the same intimate audience who watched the cast go through their paces and perform three musical numbers, well it only makes me wish for July 5th and opening night. Accompanied by Musical Director Gareth Bretherton on the piano as he explained the joy of their production is that it will follow a two piaano and percussion format, so expect those big numbers!

Love Changes Everything – performed by Alex (Felix Mosse) we are introduced to Felix as himself and wow he stands right up and delivers the song that made an instant household name of Micheal Ball with building power, total belief in his ability makes him captivating to watch.

Seeing is believing – Alex and Rose a steady duet that has you watching the forming partnership, leading to a relationship with utter and total understanding and acknowledgement of each other. To be as close as I was meant I could see every eye movement, the facial expressions. I was watching performers in the zone.

Anything but lonely – Rose (Kelly Price) Such a powerful lady and a smile that holds you, I wondered if the mirrored wall may shatter, the theatre will only amplify an amazing voice that deserves all the applause at the end of the night.

It was incredible to see how given this summers heatwave the cast remained cool and calm. It is apparent just how well this small cast has gelled and bonded. My goosebumps actually had goosebumps and I was hooked in with the pure simplicityand raw energy. This was only a rehearsal and limited to just three songs.

I can only imagine the full performance with every song belted out raising the rafters. It’s definitely a musical to be enjoyed over summer, it is more than worthy of its potential, claiming top spot in many hearts. I believe we may have have found summers love story, don’t forget those musical numbers too that still have me singing away to myself. All we have left to say is break a leg! To this young and highly talented cast.