An Evening of Burlesque Review

Empire Theatre, Sunderland – 5 June 2015

I had no idea what to expect when see Burlesque for this first time, but I was soon amazed and in awe of what I saw.  Its most definitely not stripping.  Its artistic, talented and relies on both suggestion and imagination in making the performances work so well.

Dance troop the Folly Mixtures dazzle with outstanding dance routines and individual performances show what true talent is.  A fire dance routine adds some thing a bit different and Storm Hooper’s stunning routine with hula hoops truly needs to be seen to be believed.

The show is broken up with a very funny comedy performance from Peter Antoniou – a psychic comedian and incredible acrobatic display from Andromeda Circus whose body contortions are mind bogglingly impossible

The whole show is held together by Lady Alex the “glittering tip on the iceberg of outstanding talent”.

So remember the rules: the more noise you make them more you see and give a whoop a cheer and a sexy noise to see the show as soon as possible

On tour around the UK see for details