Amelie The Musical Review

New Victoria Theatre, Woking – until 31 August 2019

Reviewed by Becky Doyle


I really had little idea what this show was about but boy was it explosive! The singing was amazing and by far the highlight of the show. I can’t pick fault with any of the actors voices each superb, Audrey Brisson (Amelie) and Caolan McCarthy were in particular wonderful to listen to. The musical talent on stage was beyond what I was expecting. From the very first song where each characters instrument was introduced the music had me.

There were highs and lows throughout the life of Amelie, and one that many could understand and appreciate. Her relationship with her parents was saddening yet with a happy yet surprising ending.

On the subject of her parents, an area of this storyline brought great laughs and humor whilst absorbed into the thoughts and dreams of a young woman. Many of the audience had the same response as I did with fully belly laughs and surprise throughout the second half when an unusual piece of garden memorabilia stole the stage. The stage was laid out and fully utilized – wherever you were sat you could see the whole range of the stage and props which were highly effective and thought out.

My only negative was that sometimes the music overpowered the singing and it became difficult to focus on the spoken words which made some time the story hard to follow.

Overall, I would recommend Amelie to anyone who is looking for a feel good, light hearted show filled with warmth and the ultimate love story.