A new, darkly-witty, absurdist play presented by Calenta Theatre as part of Camden Fringe 2018.

Monday 13th – Wednesday 15th August
7:30pm (Running time 55 minutes)
Tickets £8.50
Available from

Hen & Chickens Theatre
109 St Paul’s Rd
N1 2NA

Set in a space devoid of time and place, a young artist, seeks to emotionally disengage with the masculine forces that surround her, challenging their being and questioning their hold over her.

Dark, witty and in places brutal, Calenta Theatre’s debut play explores elements of the self, gesture, control and reflection in this existential three-hander.

As Alex removes herself from subjectivity and attempts to focus on the objective nature of being, this excommunication of physiological liberty looks, in an abstract sense, at why we “can and cannot” and what a person is able to achieve without boundary or limitation binding them.

ALEXA, sees Alex, create her art through the destruction of the individuals around her which seemingly form part of her own psyche. With questions never truly posed or directly answered, ALEXA simply tries to combat the questions and doubts in our own minds, disrupting and removing moments from our past and present in a cathartic quest to gain control of our lives.

In a world where we have increasingly less control, ALEXA challenges us to deconstruct and question the forces seeking to govern, and empowers us to regain authority over ourselves.

Drawing inspiration from the surreal and absurd in delivery and construction of language, combined with the company’s passion and cultural flair, Calenta Theatre use subtext, pause, repetition and ambiguity as the key to exposing the harsh reality of the self and control in this new minimalist thriller.

“Art is beauty, control is power, decide if your life is owned.”