Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders Review

The Vaults – until 15 January 2020

Reviewed by Claire Roderick


It’s panto season again, and if you want to see beautiful princesses, plucky young heroes and hissable villains without a child in sight, then this is the perfect night for you.

Darling & Edge return to The Vaults and this year transform the space into the land of Agrablahblahblah. The Sultan is dead, and Princess Jizzmine must find a suitable suitor by midnight. Aladdin finds a mysterious lamp in Widow Hankey’s launderette and takes it to the palace, pursued by the dastardly Jaclose.

The bar area is transformed into Hankey’s Launderette – named to lampoon Hollywood’s whitewashing of Asian characters – and the audience gather here to try the jewel themed cocktails. The action soon moves to the Feast of Wonders at the place, where a delicious banquet is served, with courses punctuated by further nonsensical scenes, before returning to the launderette for the finale and dancing.

ShayShay’s script has some fantastic comedy moments, and the exuberant cast are a joy, handling the “hilarious” contributions of the merriest audience members with quick-thinking skill and wit. The gameshow aspect of the quest for Jizzmine’s suitor has the potential to bomb, but the audience members are corralled expertly by the cast.

With alcohol and food in abundance, and a relaxed, almost chaotic feel to the production, Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders is a perfect night for a fun filled Christmas outing with friends. Escape the twee traditional festivities and let your hair down in Agrablahblahblah