A new style of “broken” musical premieres at the King’s Head in March

Broken Cabaret presents:

March 8th – April 2nd 2016, 9.30pm, King’s Head Theatre

Something Something Lazarus is a new British musical; a dark comedy about resurrections, second chances and the healing power of performance. It’s also a “broken” musical: a fast-dissolving rehearsal ending with a fractured show, where songs are interrupted, directed, repurposed, and undercut.

In the hour before opening at Midnight Sun, a half-dead cabaret bar, Vee and Della are re-blocking the song with the knife. Owner Daniel has a thing with bar boy Jay and the changes he’s bringing to the business. And with the unveiling of a delivery from Daniel’s distant past, matters quickly skid into overdrive.

Alongside the action on stage, Something Something Lazarus will change the way you consume stories with the tools and techniques of transmedia storytelling – characters, spaces and motifs will have a web presence, websites, social media accounts … Email them and get a response. Tweet them and see how they react. Get histories and background that give the events of the show a stronger sense of place.

With strong queer sensibilities and language, song and perspectives pointed towards the world of cabaret, the theatrical and musicals, John Myatt, Simon Arrowsmith and frequent King’s Head collaborator Dan Phillips present a new type of show taking all of the excellent ingredients already on offer and adding a dash of the original.