A Little Space

Leeds Playhouse – until 7 March 2020

Reviewed By Dawn Smallwood


A Little Space has been jointly collaborated by Gecko and Mind The Gap, two unique theatre companies whose aims are to engage many to access theatre and savour experiences. A Little Space literally resonates with the title and explores individual experiences on how they fully take the opportunity to use this spatial opportunity to be free. However one can feel vulnerable and lonely in this space as one never knows what is happening outside the “boundary”.

This one hour production explores individuals’ journeys experiencing the little space through the world of light, sound, movement and voice. This is in true vein to Gecko’s reputation as a physical and visual theatre company and Mind The Gap’s reputation for pioneering learning disability arts and making the arts accessible.

Set in an apartment block A Little Space follows five people’s lives and explores how being dependent and independent is like through choice or circumstantial isolation. The individual characters are portrayed through movement and the use of light and sounds for which the mood and ambiance depict how one feels. Rhys Jarman’s staging works well with Chris Swain’s lighting and Dave Price’s sounds in presenting A Little Space.

Under the direction of Rosalind Wynn (Gecko) and Deborah Dickinson (Mind The Gap) this entertaining, physical and visually appealing production brings out the theme about being alone which can be related in everyday situations. This production is choreographically well performed by the five devising performers. An enjoyable creation to all the senses.