A digital sensory activities project, My Sensory Adventures explores the world though the four ancient elements

from Wednesday 7th October 2020

My Sensory Adventures is a new digital project of sensory activities people can do at home.
Beginning in October, new videos will be released each month to explore the world through the four ancient elements: Water, Earth, Wind and Fire. There will be a messy and taste-safe activity, a non-messy activity as well as a Sensory Sounds video with original songs inspired by the monthly theme.

All the activities have been designed to be as sustainable and low-cost as possible, with a focus on using household items and recycled materials. Parents and carers can access the resources from Carbon Theatre’s website where they can also sign up to become a ‘Sensory Explorer’ to receive more resources and tips and be the first to know when each video is released.

The videos are fully captioned and the sensory activities are created to support people who like to explore the world in a sensory way including babies and early years, children with special educational needs, people with complex needs, people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, autistic people, people with dementia and more.

Next spring, there will be two free, virtual training sessions for parents and carers wishing to create their own experiences inspired by the My Sensory Adventures themes and activities.

Lead Sensory Practitioner, Natalya Martin comments, I’m very excited to be collaboratively
working on ‘My Sensory Adventures’ alongside such a wonderful team. I’m really hoping that by providing people with access to this content, which they can do at their own pace, in their own time and in their preferred environment, will be a small step in reducing the loneliness and disconnect that so many people are feeling. I believe that when we connect with our senses, it can help us to feel present, at ease and reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Traditionally multi-sensory experiences and activities happen face to face. We are now being pushed to come up with more creative and accessible ways to deliver content; which can only be a good thing. I think this is now the beginning of a journey for many sensory practitioners to figure out what we can offer and how we can continue to co-create with our communities.

Carbon Theatre producer, Courtenay Johnson comments, I’m really thrilled to continue to
explore sensory ways to tell stories and experience the world during this period of uncertainty. The hope is that we can create a digital creative space that is then enhanced and personalised by live events – when safe to do so, of course

A Chiral Communities project produced by Carbon Theatre, supported by National Lottery
Community Fund.