2 Become 1 Review

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Wine Bar, Gilded Balloon Teviot – until 28 August


Jess thought that her relationship was as unbreakable as Brad and Jen’s, or Justin and Britney’s, but she was wrong. After being dumped, she just wants to stay in and watch Titanic, but her friends find the perfect way to cheer her up – speed dating!

Eclectic, alternative Molly ( KerrieThomason); flirty, feisty Charlie (Eliza Hewitt-Jones); decisive planner Amanda (Jessica Brady) and heartbroken Jess (Natasha Grainger) try their hand at telling both the men and each other what they really, really want from the opposite sex.

The whole show is one massive throwback to a time when Cosmo magazine’s advice was sacred, the cabbage soup diet was the latest fad, and smoking indoors was a thing. The four actresses (each present on stage throughout) do a great job of capturing the essence of the era

Familiar lyrics are quoted and, like every good musical, the cast burst into song at every opportunity: Shania Twain, All Saints, Britney, B*Witched and, of course, the Spice Girls are in the mix. With delivery ranging from karaoke queens to clean harmonies, depending on the laughs the cast are aiming for, you can’t help but sing along, and if you’re lucky, you could get pulled up to dance too.

Female empowerment seems to be a theme running through the Fringe this year and this show quite rightly empowers women.  Bringing back many memories of nights out, dancing and singing to all the songs in the show – this is both nostalgic and relevant to today.

Swiper Right Theatre Company have produced a fabulous show that really should not be missed