The 1st Fairy Powered Productions Edinburgh Fringe Awards

I am incredibly pleased and proud to announce the winners of the very first Edinburgh Fringe Awards.

Positions were decided via the sites analytics, these included the newly introduced star system, the comments on the site and the social media interaction – likes and retweets etc.

Overall Winner

Tom Binns – Ivan Brackenbury’s 10 Year Anniversary Party and Tom Binns is Ian D Montfort: Ian Talk Three

Best Comedy

The Saloon Boys – Curse of the Mummy

Best Solo Performance

Tape Face

Best Drama

Victim (Bruised Sky Productions)

Best Musical


Best Improvisation

Any Suggestions Doctor

Best Family Show

The First Hippo on the Moon

Best New Writing

tie Not Lady Chatterley’s Lover (Happy Idiot) and Fat Rascal Theatre for Buzz and Tom and Bunny Save the World

Girl Power Award

2 Become 1