National Theatre Wales announce new play Before I Leave




National Theatre Wales’ next production, Before I Leave, will be a moving and uplifting production written by Patrick Jones and directed by Matthew Dunster (who directed the multi-award-winning Mametz for NTW in June 2014). It will feature covers of well-known songs by artists ranging from Tom Jones to the Sex Pistols, plus a new song by Nicky Wire and James Dean Bradfield of Manic Street Preachers, and will be performed at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff.

Before I Leave is inspired by Patrick’s work with the Cwm Taf choir in Merthyr, which is supported by the Alzheimer’s Society. Its members have shared much of their time and experiences with Patrick, helping him to write a play that is both a celebration of the restorative, co-operative joys of choir singing and a call to arms for a renewed sense of collective responsibility. Touching on the current, urgent calls for better mental health care as well as battles as far back as the miners’ strike, this angry but ultimately heartwarming production wears its politics on its sleeves, but marches to the beat of some of our best-loved songs.

In Merthyr, people who are losing themselves find each other in a choir for individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Joe is too young, this shouldn’t be happening to him; Dyanne battles to hold on to the man she married.
Evan and Rocky fight a 30-year-old fight – the miners’ strike may be long gone, but the scars remain as the memories jumble and fade.
Ex-librarian and mezzo-soprano Marge has lost her voice. Perhaps only the choir can help her get it back.
And Isabelle won’t let her spirit be locked away and forgotten in a care home that she thinks doesn’t care at all.

The company are recruiting a community choir of singers aged 65+ who will sing a repertoire of well-known songs ranging from Johnny Cash to Queen, in the production. The professional cast of 12 actors is to be announced.

Before I Leave is part of Festival of Voice – a new international arts festival in Cardiff this June. Created by Wales Millennium Centre and supported by Colwinston Charitable Trust, the Arts Council of Wales and Cardiff Council. For more information, go to:

I’ll Sing This Song

Alongside the production, National Theatre Wales TEAM* with the kind support of the Baring Foundation and four lead artists, are working with three choirs of singers with dementia across Wales, in a project called I’ll Sing This Song.
Before I Leave’s writer Patrick Jones has teamed up with filmmaker Kym Epton, photographer and designer Paul Thomas and musician Ben Tinniswood to teach existing dementia choirs in Wrexham, Barry and Brecon to sing I’ll Sing This Song (the new song written by Nicky Wire and James Dean Bradfield for the production).
The team will make a short film about the choirs’ experience, which it is hoped will become a useful digital resource for other choirs with dementia.
Patrick will continue to work with all three choirs after the production has closed, on songs of their choosing.

Patrick Jones said: “This play is a testament to the healing power of song. All of us can remember a song that meant so much to us at a certain point in life. First love, lost love, the best summer or the loneliest winter. We mark out our lives with music. In the fog and confusion of dementia, hearing a particular song can ignite a forgotten flame that, for a moment, lights the way towards a peaceful safe place where smiles are reborn.

“I have worked with and visited many choirs during the period of writing Before I Leave and never failed to shed a tear, see my own life reflected, burst into laughter or share a common humanity with its members. The other day, I asked members of the Wrexham choir what singing meant to them. One lady who had been silent throughout said, ‘Singing brings us to life’.”

Writer Patrick Jones’ plays include Everything Must Go, Unprotected Sex, Revelation andDeliver Us From Evil. His books include The Guerilla Tapestry, Fuse and Darkness is Where the Stars Are. His CDs include Commemoration and Amnesia and Tongues for a Stammering Time.Patrick toured with Billy Bragg in 2009 for his 25th anniversary tour of The Miner’s Strike, andwrote an updated version of Idris Davies’ The Bells of Rhymney for Radio 4/Radio Wales’ The Sad Bells of Rhymney. He has been poet in residence at Velindre Hospital in Cardiff and was recently involved in poetry projects at Greenhill Manor Nursing Home (Specialist Care for Dementia patients) and Talygarn Mental Health Unit as well as working in Swansea, Usk and Parc Prisons.Patrick has also worked alongside Hafan Cymru, The Alzheimer’s Society and St David’s Foundation Hospice Care.

Director Matthew Dunster has directed, written and acted for many theatres in the UK and internationally; for National Theatre Wales he directed Mametz in 2014. Recent work includes directing: Hangmen (Royal Court and West End) which has been nominated for three Olivier Awards, Liberian Girl (Royal Court), The Seagull, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Open Air Regent’s Park), Love’s Sacrifice (RSC), The Lightning Child and Doctor Faustus (Shakespeare’s Globe), The Love Girl & the Innocent, You Can Still Make a Killing (Southwark Playhouse), Before the Party (Almeida), A Sacred Flame (English Touring), Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (Royal Exchange Manchester), Mogadishu (Royal Exchange, Manchester and Lyric Hammersmith), The Most Incredible Thing (Sadler’s Wells) and The Two Gentleman of Verona(Royal & Derngate, Northampton). As a writer, his credits include Children’s Children (Almeida)and You Can See the Hills (Royal Exchange Manchester).


Full listings information:

National Theatre Wales with Wales Millennium Centre
Writer: Patrick Jones
Director: Matthew Dunster
Designer: Anna Fleischle
Video Designer: Dick Straker
Musical Director: Dyfan Jones
Lighting Designer: Joe Fletcher
Sound Designer: Ian Dickinson for Autograph
Costume Designer: Angharad Matthews
Associate Musical Director: Greg Palmer
Cast: to be confirmed

Dates: 27th May-11th June, see performance schedule below
Venue: Sherman Theatre, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff CF24 4YE

Friday 27th May 7.30pm
Saturday 28th May 7.30pm
Monday 30th May 7.30pm
Tuesday 31st May 7pm
Wednesday 1st June 7.30pm
Thursday 2nd June^ 7.30pm
Friday 3rd June 7.30pm
Saturday 4th June 7.30pm
Monday 6th June 7.30pm
Tuesday 7th June 7.30pm
Wednesday 8th June^ 7.30pm
Thursday 9th June† 2.30pm
Thursday 9th June 7.30pm
Friday 10th June 7.30pm
Saturday 11th June 2.30pm
Saturday 11th June* 7.30pm

* Audio Described and captioned
^ Post-show Q&A
† Relaxed performance

Box Office:
By phone: 029 2064 6900

Tickets: £15-£25
Previews (27th-30th May): £12-£20
Concessions: £2 off
Under 25s: Half price

Contains strong language














London 2012. The world is watching. Can the city deliver the greatest Olympics ever? Pulling the strings is media mogul, broadcaster and puppet master, Jeremiah Peachum. Together with his star of the show, Lockitt, the Mayor of London, they are perfectly placed to capitalise on Team GB’s gold and drive their political agenda across the finish line. Enter satirical street busker Macheath and his gang of dissenters ‘The Ninety Nine Percenters’…

The producers of The Buskers Opera, a brand new musical by Dougal Irvine (Departure Lounge, Laila, Britain’s Got Bhangra) and Park Theatre are today announcing the first ever ‘relaxed’ performance at Park Theatre, to take place on Thursday 2 June 2016. The Producers of the show have launched a unique crowdfunding scheme in order help deliver this relaxed performance alongside their Arts Matter – Pass It On ticketing scheme, which will see at least a hundred tickets a week distributed to charities, youth groups and outreach programmes in the local area and around London. The Buskers Opera opens at Park Theatre on 28 April and plays until 4 June, with a press night on 5 May – the date of London’s mayoral election.

Producer Michael Peavoy said, “Very early on in the early development stages of The Buskers Opera it was clear that a piece of theatre about society, that asked questions of us all and how we operate, had to involve everybody. I knew we had to make sure that all felt welcome to take part in that conversation and question with us regardless of their personal or financial circumstance.


Four years on, we hope we’re now making small steps toward achieving that goal. If we manage to get even a handful of people in to the theatre that otherwise wouldn’t have come, and we can give them a top class show that makes them think about the world, or even forget about the world for a few moments – then we’ll have done our job. Theatre is an incredibly powerful thing, that’s why we believe wholeheartedly that art matters and the best thing we can do is to pass it on. Hopefully there are enough people out there that will agree with us, get involved with our crowdfunding efforts and help us pass on some tickets, and come along to enjoy the show.”


Simon Dylan-Kane bw David Burt bw

Musical theatre legend David Burt –the original revolutionary ‘Enjolras’ in Les Miserables in 1985 – joins the cast as ‘Jeremiah Peachum’, alongside comedian Simon Dylan-Kane (best known for regular appearances on Radio 4’sJohn Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme), who’ll play ‘Mayor Lockitt’.


Only The Brave Review

Wales Millennium Centre 28 March – 2 April.  Reviewed by Claire Roderick

What a show!

Think Dambusters or Cockleshell Heroes with songs, and you get the tone of this wonderful, very British musical. There’s even a number called “Cuppa Tea”! In the middle of a battle. Makes you proud to be British – not in an “I’m joining UKIP and leaving the EU” way, but reminding us of the extraordinary courage and resilience of ordinary men and women, and what they were fighting for.

Based on true events leading up to the D Day landings, Only The Brave tells the story of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry’s mission to secure Benouville Bridge, and the French Resistance operatives risking their lives for vital intelligence. Captain John Howard (David Thaxton – channelling every tyrannical sergeant major known to man, but triumphing in the character’s gentler, emotional moments) and his lieutenant, Denham Brotheridge (the fantastic Neil McDermott) train their company relentlessly while their wives Joy and Maggie (Caroline Sheen and Emilie Fleming) work for the ATS. Meanwhile in France 15 year old Isabelle (Nikki Mae) begs to be allowed to collect information for the Resistance from the Germans who frequent the local café.

Matthew Brind’s music and director Steve Marmion’s lyrics take you on a roller coaster of emotions and soaring strings, with no weak songs in the show, although for me, “You Can Say No (But I Know You Won’t)” did try to cram in a little too much – introducing the main characters very quickly, but I can understand the need for this with such a detailed story to tell. Rachel Wagstaff’s book is full of humour and respect for the characters. Lots of war film clichés are present. There’s the harsh training and eventual camaraderie of the troops, the pregnant wives and the underage virgin soldier to name just a few – but they fit perfectly into the story. Even the running joke involving the comedy Welshman is beautifully written – paying off brilliantly during the tense scenes on the bridge.

What this musical does so well is to not glorify war, instead celebrating the bravery (and sometimes idiocy) of those involved on both sides. In “What The Hell Am I Doing?” Wally (Thomas Aldridge) is desperately trying to turn the German tank driver he is aiming his weapon at into a monster in his head, but can only think of their similarities in a moving and humanising moment before the violence. Yes there is a nasty German officer, but he is traumatised by his family’s experience in WW1, and his commanding officer is written to be as professional and honourable as the British. The role of women in the war is highlighted too, with Caroline Sheen’s number “Just Because” is a stirring feminist rallying cry, and “Regret and Sympathy” portrays the endless telegrams sent to bereaved families simply but oh so effectively.

Set designer Michael Vale cleverly uses projection and interconnecting steps and trestles to create bomb shelters, offices, training grounds, Benouville Bridge and, most spectacularly, a glider. And, just like the war, the women are doing most of the donkeywork pushing these around! Throughout the show, as a song is being sung in one location, silent action continues dramatically alongside. This is a powerful story telling device, and means that the songs are fully part of the story, unlike in some musicals. This is most effective during the second act when the mission is underway, but also provided the most spine-tingling moments of the night when the soldiers are singing “Band Of Brothers” (magnificent – if Churchill had access to that song, the war would have a lot shorter) while a violent interrogation is silently taking place in France. And the ending! The cast relate the fates of the real people portrayed in the show, and salute them all, including the real WWII veteran that will be playing John Howard as an old man each night.

Only The Brave is one of the best musicals I have seen in a long time. It is beautifully staged and performed. Not showy or cheesy, just telling this amazing story with wit, charm, respect… and a nice cup of tea.

Dial M for Murder Review

Civic Theatre, Darlington – 30 March 2016

Talking Scarlet bring their latest production to Darlington.  The elegant coils of murder drama that Frederick Knott contrived in his play, “Dial M for Murder,” were made famous in the pliant hands of Alfred Hitchcock, past master at the job of squeezing thrills, the coils twine with sleek and silken evil on the celluloid screen.

The dark machinations of a London husband to get his wife bumped off and then, failing that, to twist the evidence so that it looks as though she willfully murdered the man who tried to murder her are matters of wicked rationalisation rather than physical activity. The thrills come in following a succession of dawnings in people’s minds.

The set resembles an upper class, old-fashioned house. The clever use of atmospheric lighting and jazzy music to signal a time-lapse between scenes is effective. The music as a whole is very well chosen,  capturing your attention with the tense story that is unfolding.

This isn’t so much a whodunnit, as the audience is in on the plan from the very beginning but watching Tony Wendice (Oliver Mellor) try to cover his tracks as his plan unravels is tense and exciting.

Terri Dwyer turns in an enjoyable performance as Sheila Wendice, the potential victim; Mellor and Marcus Hutton are sharp and convincing as her husband and lover Max respectively, with John Hester in outstanding form as the not-so-plodding Inspector Hubbard and Jolyon Young as the unfortunate Captain Lesgate.

Talking Scarlet’s production contains its fair share of electric moments.  The slow-burning opening scenes may prove a little frustrating, but the drama picks up in the second act – and the final minutes, played out in half-darkness, are a study in ratcheting tension.

The actors did exactly what they should in this kind of production: they played it absolutely straight. It would have been very easy to go over the top but subtlety was what was required and so, instead of a parody, we watched a classic thriller from a slightly shifted perspective: we were able to look at Knott’s play and appreciate its strengths while finding amusement in the theatrical conventions of a much more innocent age.

This timeless thriller is a masterpiece in atmospheric staging and should not to be missed. Just make sure you don’t go alone…

In Darlington until Saturday April 2nd and on tour around the UK

Tickets for DREAMGIRLS go on sale


Now on sale to priority bookers with tickets going on general sale at 12 noon on Friday 1 April –

At every performance there will be 100 accessibly priced seats, including £20 seats available in advance and £15 day seats available on the day of the performance.

Savoy Theatre, London with reduced ticket price preview performances from 19 November 2016 and Opening Night on 14 December 2016.

The UK stage premiere will star Amber Riley as ‘Effie White’ and will be Directed and Choreographed by Casey Nicholaw, as previously confirmed. Further casting for the production is still to be announced.

Website –
Twitter handle – @DreamgirlsLDN
Facebook page – DreamgirlsLDN
Instagram account – DreamgirlsLDN
Hashtag – #DreamgirlsLDN

Sonia Friedman Productions announces today that tickets for the long awaited UK premiere of Tony Award-winning musical Dreamgirls go on sale this week. The brand new production begins preview performances at the Savoy Theatre from 19 November with Opening Night on Wednesday 14 December 2016.

As previously confirmed, American actress and singer Amber Riley will make her West End debut playing soulful singer ‘Effie White’ in the production, which will be Directed and Choreographed by Olivier and Tony Award-winning Casey Nicholaw (The Book of Mormon, Disney’s Aladdin and Something Rotten!). Dreamgirls will have Set Design by Tim Hatley, Costume Design by Gregg Barnes, Lighting Design by Hugh Vanstone, Sound Design by Richard Brooker and Hair Design by Josh Marquette. The Musical Supervisor will be Nick Finlow, the Orchestrator will be Harold Wheeler, with Additional Material by Willie Reale.

Inspired by R&B music acts in 1960s America, Dreamgirls transports you to a revolutionary time in American music history. Dreamgirls charts the tumultuous journey of a young female singing trio, from Chicago, Illinois called ‘The Dreams’, as they learn the hard lesson that show business is as tough as it is fabulous, and features the classic songs ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’, ‘I Am Changing’, ‘Listen’ and ‘One Night Only’ .

With Book and Lyrics by Tom Eyen and Music by Henry Krieger, the original Broadway production of Dreamgirls, Directed and Choreographed by Michael Bennett opened in 1981 and subsequently won six Tony Awards®. The original cast recording won two Grammy awards for Best Musical Album and Best Vocal Performance for Jennifer Holliday’s ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.’ In 2006 it was adapted into an Oscar winning motion picture starring Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx.


Savoy Theatre, Strand, London WC2R 0ET


First Performance: 19 November 2016, 7.30pm
Press Performance: 14 December 2016, 7pm

Monday to Saturday evening performances at 7.30pm
Wednesday and Saturday matinee performances at 2.30pm
(No Wednesday matinee performance on 23 November)

Christmas Performance Schedule

Monday 19th December, 7.30pm
Tuesday 20th December, 7.30pm
Wednesday 21st December, 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Thursday 22nd December, 7.30pm
Friday 23rd December, 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Saturday 24th December, 2.30pm only
Sunday 25th December, no performances
Monday 26th December, 7.30pm
Tuesday 27th December, 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Wednesday 28th December, 7.30pm only
Thursday 29th December, 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Friday 30th December, 7.30pm
Saturday 31st December, 2.30pm only
Sunday 1st January, no performances

Box Office

Telephone:    0844 871 7687
Prices:          From £20 (from £15 during previews)
At every performance there will be 100 accessibly priced seats, including £20 seats available in advance and £15 day seats available on the day of the performance.

Social Media

Website –
Twitter handle – @DreamgirlsLDN
Facebook page – DreamgirlsLDN
Instagram account – DreamgirlsLDN
Hashtag – #DreamgirlsLDN

Sensation – a tour celebrating the music of The Who


After 50 years of The Who, Sensation celebrates the greatest hits of the timeless British Band – including songs from both Tommy and Quadrophenia – in one great concert.

If you want to be taken on an amazing musical journey by fantastic singers and a rocking, live band with the maximum rhythm and blues factor, then this is definitely the night out for you!

These kids are definitely alright. From “My Generation” to “Be Lucky” via the rock opera hits including “Pinball Wizard” and “The Real Me”, this show promises a night of non-stop hits from one of the most influential bands of all time.

From the producers of the 5 star London production of Tommy, and featuring the Musical Director of that same production, this is going to be one hell of a concert. The seven strong cast of singers and musicians have performed with Ray Davies, Edwin Starr, Iron Maiden, PJ Proby, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Shaun Ryder & the Seahorses as well as in a plethora of West End shows includingBuddy, Thriller LIVE!, Return to the Forbidden Planet, Wicked, Rent, War of the Worlds and We Will Rock You. This sensational show will give you a night of Who classics that’ll have you on your feet.

Visit for full tour details. Follow the show on Facebook and Twitter (@thewhosensation) for ticket offers.

Accept no Substitute!
Reviews of Tommy
“Under Kevin Oliver Jones’ direction the band create a sound that offers a beautifully weighted tribute to the original, with a rock pulse that could have come straight from a time machine.”  
“From Pinball Wizard right down to the reprise of See Me, Feel Me, this show is, simply put, a sensation.”
“Two hours of fantastic music and truly awesome performances”




Thursday 12th May @ FAIRFIELD HALLS – CROYDON (

Friday 13th May @ MOWLEM THEATRE – SWANAGE (

Saturday 14th May @ OPERA HOUSE – JERSEY (

Thursday 19th May @ THE BRUNTON – MUSSELBURGH (

Friday 20th May @ TOWN HALL – AYR (

Saturday 21st May @ ROTHES HALLS – GLENROTHES (


Thursday 2nd June @ GUILDHALL THEATRE – DERBY (







Thursday 23rd June @ THE STABLES – MILTON KEYNES (




Don’t Sleep There Are Snakes Review

Park Theatre 23 March – 23 April.  Reviewed by Claire Roderick

Based on Daniel Everett’s book, Don’t Sleep There are Snakes is a wonderful voyage of discovery. Dan (Mark Arends – playing the fish out of water with a deft and light touch) is an earnest missionary and linguist sent to the Brazilian Amazon to convert the Piraha tribe and translate the bible into their language. He is told before he leaves that “you need to make them feel lost before they can feel found”, but instead of influencing the Piraha’s lives, he finds himself becoming more and more uncertain of his faith and values.

Christopher Doyle, Rachel Handshaw, Yuriri Naka, Emily Pennant-Rea and Clifford Samuel play various characters throughout the play, but their portrayal of the Piraha is delightful. The innocence and delight in life shines through, and their lack of inhibitions about sex provides great comedic moments. Arends’ face when Chris offers to tug his penis in the same way a British man would say “Pub?” to his upset friend is fantastic. The running joke about people disappearing doesn’t lose its shine, and when the reason for the words is explained, it makes you love the Piraha even more. The harshness of life in the jungle is brought home during one shocking scene involving a sick baby, and the pragmatic approach of the tribe challenges Dan’s more sentimental values.

Writers Sebastian Armmesto, Dudley Hinton and simple8 have Dan presenting his story in the same way that the Piraha relate their tales, with time “scrunched up” and using simple terms whenever possible. This works brilliantly, both to highlight the linguistic research Dan carries out as he tries and fails to convert the Piraha, and to show the way tribes are patronisingly viewed and treated. As Dan realises that the Piraha’s language is based solely on their experience, with no words for colour or tenses, Arends shows his turmoil and growing self-doubt, and he can only explain his theory by talking about what he has seen, leading to a frustratingly long winded and repetitive section set in a lecture hall, but I can see why this needed to be included.

The Piraha find the idea of suicide hysterical, and they have no word for “worry” (charmingly demonstrated when Dan tries to translate the song “Don’t worry, be happy”); so the horror of their culture and language being lost that Dan feels when the government takes control of the tribe, seen alongside their delight – “we have a television!”- provides a stark reminder of the vast cultural differences that will soon be lost.

The bare set grated at first, but as the beliefs of the Piraha become clearer, believing in only what they see, and living in the here and now, this was obviously a better choice than some hokey jungle set. The scenes where the cast provided vocal sound effects for the jungle were a triumph too, especially Dan’s noisy passage through the undergrowth on a hunt.

Don’t Sleep There Are Snakes tackles cultural diversity, faith and belief in an uplifting but bittersweet play that keeps you giggling and smiling all night. A must see production.

Darlington Civic Theatre – Flare Path


Graham Seed heads the cast of the Terence Rattigan war-time classic Flare Path which comes to Darlington Civic Theatre in April

The highly acclaimed national tour of Terence Rattigan’s Flare Path, directed by Justin Audibert, comes to Darlington Civic Theatre from Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 April.

The cast will be led by Graham Seed (The Archers, Yes, Prime Minister) as Squadron Leader Swanson, Lynden

Edwards as Peter Kyle and Hedydd Dylan as Patricia Graham. They will be joined by Claire Andreadis as Countess Skriczevinsky, William Reay as Flying Officer Count Skriczevinsky and Corporal Jones, Jamie Hogarth as Sergeant Miller, Charlie G Hawkins as Percy, Polly Hughes as Mrs Miller and Emma Carter as Betty.

Based on Rattigan’s experiences as a tail gunner during World War II, Flare Path paints an evocative portrait of life in wartime Britain for the life-and-death existence of the RAF bomber crews, and their wives and sweethearts who were left waiting their return.

Set in 1942 against a backdrop of heartache and quiet bravery, Flare Path tells the story of former actress Patricia, the wife of RAF pilot Teddy, whose marriage is tested to the limits by the surprise arrival of Patricia’s ex‐lover and Hollywood idol Peter Kyle. An unexpected and dangerous mission over Germany puts Patricia at the centre of an emotional conflict as unpredictable as the war in the skies.

Flare Path combines highly charged drama with a truly authentic taste of the fear, camaraderie and passion experienced by the men and women who fought to save their country, their families and each other.

Flare Path runs at Darlington Civic Theatre from Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 April. Recommended age 12+.

Tickets* are £17 to £25.50.

For tickets and more information visit or call 01325 486555.

There will be a free post show talk on Wednesday 13 April

*All prices include a £1 restoration levy

Darlington Civic Theatre – The Wizard of Oz


Bobby Davro and Dani Harmer star in The Wizard of Oz at Darlington Civic Theatre on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 April.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Darlington Civic Theatre for a fantastic Easter pantomime version of The Wizard of Oz, starring comedy legend Bobby Davro as Scarecrow and Dani Harmer (CBBC’s Tracy Beaker, Strictly Come Dancing) as Dorothy.

Join Kansas farm-girl Dorothy and her pet dog Toto on this magical adventure suitable for all ages. Watch in amazement as they are picked up by a tornado and carried off to the magical land of Oz. With help from their new friends the Munchkins, they travel to the Emerald City where the great Wizard of Oz lives.

On their way they meet a Scarecrow who needs a brain, a Tin Man who wants a heart, and a Cowardly Lion who desperately needs courage. Will the wonderful Wizard of Oz be able to help them before the Wicked Witch of the West captures them in her dungeon?

Come and join in the fun over the rainbow as Enchanted Entertainment presents a wonderful Easter pantomime version of L. Frank Baum’s much-loved fairy-tale. Packed with well-known pop songs, brilliant dance routines, lots of audience participation and plenty of laughter for all the family!

There’s no place like Darlington Civic Theatre for family entertainment, so click those heels together and book your Easter panto tickets now.

The Wizard of Oz is at Darlington Civic Theatre on Friday 8 & Saturday 9 April.

Tickets* are £20 & £18 for adults, £18 & £16 for children, Family Ticket £69, Groups 10+ £1 off, 20+ £2 off.

To book contact the Box Office on 01325 486 555 or visit

*Includes a £1 restoration levy

Darlington Civic Theatre – The Searchers

Civic-Theatre-Hi-Res-Logo-1-117x300SEARCHING FOR A GOOD NIGHT OUT?

The Searchers bring their musical classics to Darlington Civic Theatre on Thursday 7 April.

The Searchers’ remarkable career continues. With such classic hits as Sweets For My Sweet;

Needles and Pins, Don’t Throw Your Love Away, Sugar and Spice and When You Walk In The Room, they have contributed enormously to establishing the UK as the world’s leading nation in the music industry.

There is no doubt that the decade that gave us The Beatles as well as The Searchers and many others was very special and will go down in history as being the most imaginative period of music creativity and expression.

The Searchers in Concert is a highly entertaining show that has been enthusiastically and warmly received throughout the world. Combined with anecdotes and reminiscences, this fully self-contained concert includes all their famous hits, plus many album recordings, B-sides and a selection of other well-known favourites.

The Searchers In Concert is at Darlington Civic Theatre on Thursday 7 April at 7.30pm. Tickets* are £19 & £21.

To book contact the Box Office on 01325 486 555 or visit

*Includes a £1 restoration levy