Undetectable Review

King Head Theatre – until 6 April 2019

Reviewed by Prachya van de Gevel


Bradley (Lewis Brown) and Alexis, lex for short (Freddie Hogan), shine out in this amazing play. The writing by Tom Wright takes me on a rollercoaster of emotions, laughs and dare I say strolls down memory lane.

Bradley and Lex have been dating now for 3 months getting to know each other and tonight it appears is the big night as we are greeted by a large bed in the room with the two men intimately entwined with each other.

As things begin to heat up , the conversation turns to use of protection and issue of prep and the role it has in modern dating and overcoming the stigma attached to HIV. The play continues down a path of back and forward laugh emotions and how each has dealt with

Some of the serious issues affecting the LGBTQ community when it comes to dealing with acceptance of their own sexuality, demons of the past and the frantic world of the “chem” fuelled sex parties and the inevitable outcomes. It packs all the punches and certainly does not hold back when it comes to tackling the issues head on. The chemistry between the two leads is astounding and they bring Tom Wrights script to life, with little to no props, it is all about the acting and the writing. I cannot praise this play enough

The talent of the cast in conveying the hot topics with humour, dignity and raw emotion, the setting of the Kings Head Theatre made it a perfect place to showcase the intimacy of the story.

Thank you it was a real privilege to watch and to the writer who I had an opportunity to speak to after the play, thank you I felt a real emotional connection to the story and its characters.