TRANSPORTER at the egg theatre

TRB egg

An inspiring journey across continents and years at the egg theatre


Friday 24 & Saturday 25 January

Writer and performer Catherine Dyson visits the egg theatre with TRANSPORTER, the remarkable story of thirteen year old Maya, a girl who is always on the move, on a never-ending search for the last safe place on Earth.

Together with Maya, we go on a journey across continents and years, down city streets, through deserts, over oceans, asking questions that echo through history. Transporter is a bold, spellbinding show, born out of a belief in the power of words to transport. Just one performer in an empty space, and an audience. An act of shared imagination. A kind of magic that happens when you simply listen to a story.

Catherine Dyson adds “Maya is a kind of ‘every’ girl in many ways. She is an ordinary girl, who could be any school-girl.  So she has just arrived in what is the city of Newport and starts telling the story of her life and then it unfolds into a magic realist story, and we set up at the beginning that she is eternally 13 and as she tells her story, it opens out across decades and continents. The piece is about migration to a certain extent, although I never set out to write a piece about refugees or migration, I wanted to write about being 13 and being not in control of your life, and to write about safety and family and home and what that means when you’re 13.”

Transporter was written in Newport and uses conversations with teenagers and young people to create a tale of universal resonance and timeless resonance. Theatr Iolo is an award winning theatre company that has been at the forefront of productions for children and young audiences for the last thity years. Recent collaborations with the egg include the international hit I Wish I Was A Mountain, and Muckers. Theatr Iolo’s productions and workshops have been enjoyed by babies, children, teenagers, adults and teachers across Wales, the UK and internationally.

TRANSPORTER is at the egg theatre on Friday 24 & Saturday 25 January. Tickets are on sale now from the egg reception on 01225 823409 or online at