The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe Review

Mayflower Southampton – until 27 November 2021 

Reviewed by Jo Gordon 


C.S Lewis The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe has been enjoyed in many forms by generation after generation for over 70 years. From the original book in 1950, it’s been made into a TV series, several film versions, cartoons and re-prints. It has always been one of my personal favourites and I spent many an hour in the early 80’s, hidden in my wardrobe, shrouded in my Mothers best faux fur coat. Adding to the magic, I lived near a zoo who’s lion could be heard at my house … very own Aslan! 

Set in 1940, during the London Blitz four siblings are sent to the safety of the countryside. Edmund, Susan, Peter and Lucy Pevensie find themselves now living with Professor Digory  Kirke a rather quirky fellow in his large Manor House. Exploring the Manor, Lucy finds an intriguing wardrobe, on entering she finds the Land of Narnia and her life and that of her siblings will never be the same.

The costumes and set are stunning. Clever use of lighting, props and beautiful puppetry transport the audience into a magical world, and you do get totally immersed into it, forgetting you are sat in a theatre on a cold November night. Songs are sung amongst the beat of drums, flutes, string instruments and forest creatures. Staying true to the moral of love wins over hate. 

It is possibly one of the most beautiful stage productions I have ever seen. From Mr Tumnus lamenting about spring, the amazingly clever Aslan puppetry, The White Witch and the outstanding cast. Folklore told as it should be, magically enchanting.