The Gruffalo’s Child Review

The Lowry, Salford – until Sunday 12 January 2020

Reviewed by Angharad Crabtree


The Gruffalo’s Child is a heartwarming performance which is suitable and entertaining for all ages. The skilful animation of the cast kept the audience constantly engaged, as well as the elements of interactivity which were cleverly woven into the story line.

The level of humour stimulated both young and older audiences, adding in some references that were only to appeal to the adults in the audience. The cast were very talented, undertaking multiple roles and adapting seamlessly. It was hard to see them as human beings and not cartoon animals at times, as they fully immersed the audience in their characters.

Despite the story line being simple, to cater for the youthful audience, it was well thought through and incorporated some resounding messages about bravery, friendship and misconception. The set was smartly navigated, as it was made of a few simple parts that were rearranged to give a new environment for each different scenario. The use of lighting also added to the dramatisation of certain scenes, whilst the use of song was both well performed and well received. There were many catchy, joyful numbers which incorporated rhyme and repeated patterns, allowing the audience to recognise familiar themes and feel more involved with the characters.