Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Review

Mayflower Theatre, Southampton – until 7 January 2017.  Reviewed by Joe Gordon


If you are looking for a good , festive and fun filled panto this season then Snow White is your girl!

It is Snow Whites (Charlotte Haines) birthday and anyone who’s anyone will be attending her party, including the handsome Prince Harry of Hampshire (Oliver Savile). Evil stepmother Queen Lucretia (Craig Revel Horwood) has romantic ideas about the young Prince and is beside herself with rage when her magic mirror announces it is in fact Snow White who is the fairest in the land! The Queen hatches a dark plan to murder Snow White and orders her Henchmen (The Chuckle Brothers) to carry it out but will the kindest Henchmen in history be able to do it?

As Snow White hides in the woods with her new found friends the Magnificent Seven (Joe Douglass, Scott Hayward, Michael Joseph, Mark Laverty, Finlay McFarlane, Jacob Morris, Paul Toulson) Lucretia tricks her into eating a poisoned apple ….. can the handsome prince Harry and the beautiful Snow White live happily after?

Snow White has everything we love about pantomimes in a big bold way. Charlotte Haines plays a perfect rosy cheeked Snow White alongside the handsome hero Oliver. The Chuckle Brothers deliver hilarity in a way only they can, delighting young and old alike and Craig Revel Horwood’s evil stepmother deserves a ten held up on a glittery paddle. Throw in seven funny short guys and a dancing troupe of Queens Men (Flawless) and you’re in for a cracker of a night!