Skin in the Game Review

 Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre – until 19th November 2021

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge  


Skin In the Game presents itself as a show where the not-so-distant future has arrived and climate despair is on them all. The world needs to be saved and who better to do it than a game show host Danny (Craig Talbot). Danny has designs of power and leadership and professes that what he is doing, is for the greater good of the people. Everything is being destroyed and “all the people have is smiles, hugs and amazing tv” – game shows brought to you by the one and only Danny. He cares, he’s available and wants to rebuild the country by saving the islands. However, Elizabeth (Kristin Duffy) sees him for what he really is and wants to protect the people and bring him down, although things take a turn for the worse and she finds herself captured by a bumblebee and a troll. Will she be able to save the world and proceed on her mission of bringing Danny down?  

All of the cast gave a stand out performance. Craig Talbot lit up the room as the charismatic games show host with a twinkle in his eye. This was well balanced against the passionate performance from Kristin Duffy as the strong politically minded Elizabeth who is convinced, he is up too no good! 

There was good quick transition of different characters with simple costume changes making it quick and effective. The show was also very entertaining at times and had the whole audience laughing. 

Skin in the Game is a strange, dark play, a thought-provoking show of a not-so-distant dystopian future, that is philosophical and ideological which makes us look at ourselves and our surroundings of today.