Potatohead Review

York Theatre Royal – Friday 10th June 2022

Reviewed by Michelle Richardson


It was great to see the small studio theatre packed out on a Friday night to see Potatohead, the creation of Freddie Hayes. This is her debut solo show, directed by Sh!t Theatre, featuring puppetry, stand-up comedy, physical theatre, film, singing, dancing and plenty of potatoes, and even more potato puns.

Hayes, dressed as a potato, welcomed us all into the studio, hugging some, chatting to others, proving a very personal touch. Potatohead, tells the story of Charlotte who has big dreams, she wants to have a face, instead of a skin with 12 eyes, and go from being a couch potato, to being a golden wonder, and being a star on television.

What follows is a take on Doctor Faustus, apparently this was written in the same year, 1592, that potatoes were first introduced into Europe, and the 7 Deadly Sins, with potatoes thrown in. With chips on her shoulder, Charlotte must decide against good or evil. With the servant of the devil, Maurice Piper, tipping the scales, evil wins out and she turns to the dark side, and must suffer the consequences.

It always amazes me how artists ever come up with these so out of the left field ideas. Hayes is so obviously talented and creative, and delivers a superb show. She had us all laughing, singing along and rooting for Charlotte. The puppet show of the7 Deadly Sins, is truly inspired and hilarious. All the puppets are fashioned with potatoes, and we even have Elvis thrown into the equation. Absolutely brilliant!

This really is a bonkers, smashing show, but it has it all. It’s full of every single potato pun you can think of. It has a penalty shootout, Gary Lineker, puppets, Elvis, karaoke, audience participation and so much more. A whole lot packed into an hour show. It really is a silly, ridiculous show, but it is so good, just like a delicious crispy jacket potato filled with cheese and sour cream.

Potatohead has a few tour dates left before performing for the whole of August at Edinburgh Fringe. Make sure you get to see it.

Btw, don’t forget to take your potato along, and make sure you dress it up.