Pickle Jar Review

Soho Theatre – until 10 November 2018

Review by Elizabeth J Smith


Maddie Rice delivers a one woman, insightful piece of theatre.

Taking us on a journey with “Miss” as she navigates life through her job as a teacher and a single millennial trying to cope with being a grown up and yet still listening to the inner child.

We are introduced to influencing characters in her class room. Carly, the surly teenager who calls Miss out on many subjects. But Miss has a respect for Carly and even emulates her dance moves, very funny outcome to that impression of youth. We meet a fellow teacher who everyone, teachers and pupils alike, fancy the pants off. He seems to charm all females in an unthreatening friendly way. Can looks be deceiving? Her hilarious Irish flat mate Mairead who is also a teacher but has a somewhat devil-may-care attitude. Pina colada’s on a school night? Drawing Miss out of herself and into an unsuspected dangerous situation. Mairead also provides the metaphor of what Pickle jar is all about.

The story takes a dramatic twist when a suicide is discovered and Miss blames herself for this tragedy.

Maddie Rice evokes all the sympathy one needs for Miss on this journey with great humour, sharp writing and convincing performance. All characters come to life, you feel you have watched a full cast. With laugh out loud moments and tear jerking scenes, an emotional rollercoster, a modern day masterpiece