ONLINE – Reviewed 8th December 2020

Reviewed by Dawn Smallwood


Northern Opera Group presents Pauline Viardot’s Cinderella. The production is directed by Sophie Gilpin and the opera is based on the well known popular fairytale and the French story, Cendrillon. With creative videography and localised settings, this down to earth production is delivered by a talented group of singers who perform text and song amidst operatic arias and piano melodies under the baton of Chris Pelly.

Cinderella is excellently portrayed by Claire Wild and she predictability narrates the story from being kind to beggar to living happily ever after with Prince Charming (Nicholas Watt). There is a creative and innovative use of visual and still images. This is noticeable when Cinderella and her concierge is transformed via a visual book telling this and combined with sparkly graphic effects of the Fairy Godmother’s presence (Rachel Duckett). The choral ensemble masquerades a virtual presence via video links during its key choruses (The ball scene).

Northern Opera Group has put together a well done film with variable content for the retelling of Cinderella from bravery to beauty combined with true happiness coming to one’s heart. It is believed that opera can be for anyone, anywhere and this is the case making this 50 minute production accessible online.

Dawn Smallwood

9th December 2020