Lazarus Theatre’s Gender reversed TEMPEST and 50/50 gender cast LORD OF THE FLIES casting announced!

Casting announced for The Tempest and Lord of the Flies at The Greenwich Theatre.
Today we announce our gender switched production of Shakespeare’s legendary The Tempest which sees Prospero now female and Miranda now male; exploring gender, sexuality and identity and Golding’s 20th Century epic Lord of the Flies returns after a triumphant run in 2018 as part of our second season at The Greenwich Theatre in a 50/50 gender cast production.

The Tempest

Returning to the company Micha Colombo takes on the role of Prospero. Micha’s previous Lazarus credits include Troilus and Cressida, Coriolanus and Henry V.

Also returning to the company; David Clayton (Edward II, A Midsummer Night’s Dream) playsTrinculoGeorgina Barley (Lord of the Flies) plays Caliban and Nell Hardy (Lord of the Flies) plays Sebastian.

Making their Lazarus Debuts; Miranda – Alexander da FonsecaAriel – Abigail Clay,Alonzo – Nikolas SalmonAntonio – Peace OseyenumFerdinand – Aaron Peters,Gonzalo – Conor Hadfield and Stephano – James Alston.

Shakespeare’s legendary last play sees a ship caught in a storm, violent and destructive. When the casualties awake on an enchanted island their true self is revealed, an island full of magic, where love is love, revenge and forgiveness.

This new production is adapted and directed by Ricky Dukes, designed by Rachel Dinglewith lighting design by Stuart Glover, sound design by Sam Glossip and songs by Bobby Locke.

Lord of the Flies

Returning to the company Ben Victor plays the role of Simon which he played in the 2018 production.

Making their Lazarus Debuts; Ralph – Alice Hutchinson, Piggy – Tommy Carmichael, Jack – Matt Penson, Roger – Darcy Willison, Eric – David Angland, Sam – Larissa Teale, Percival – Lucy Ioannou, Henry – Oliver Franks, Maurice – Phoebe Stapleton, Bill – Denis Rai. The Voice is voiced by Jennifer Shakesby.

Full cast biographies can be on our company page.

“What are we? Humans? Animals? Or savages?”

Eleven children, one island… an incredible adventure turns into a fight for survival.

The production is directed by Ricky Dukes, with movement direction by Julia Cave designed by Rachel Dingle* with lighting design by Ben Jacobs and sound design by Nicola Chang.

*Based on the original design by Alfie Heywood and costume design by Rebecca Carpenter.
Full press releases are attached for both productions along with headshots for Micha Colombo (Prospero),  Alexander da Fonseca (Miranda) Aaron Peters (Ferdinand) as the two young lovers in The Tempest and Matt Penson (Jack) and Alice Hutchinson (Ralph) in Lord of the Flies.