good dog Review

Stephen Joseph Theatre – 12th February 2018

Reviewed by Sara Garner


This is the 2nd national tour of good dog written by Arinze Kene starring Kwaku Mills

good dog is gritty rollercoaster of gritty rollercoaster of an emotional drama of a boy and his journey through teenage years growing up in multi-racial London. The timespan leads up to the unrest in our inner cities which resulted in the 2011 riots in our inner cities in which people acted out of character to regain some control back in their lives.

This 2-hour play introduces us “The Boy” who is tormented at school and neglected at home and his observations and relationships with memorable community figures (Old Man Boateng, Trevor Senior and Junior, Ghandi, Mrs Blackwood) These characters are introduced to us with the use of pre-recorded voice actors, music and stage production whilst simple is effective.

The Boy naively believed that if behave in a good way and is the bigger man good things will come to him as promised.

Kwaku Mills holds and enthrals the audience for 2 hours, you become totally immersed in his observations. His use of slang language and facial expressions draws you into the highs and lows of his life and the frustrations of teenage angst with unexpected humour that the audience easily related too.

The emotions build in the second half to such an extent that the epilogue is almost a relief to one’s emotional well being

The acting throughout this brilliant play is outstanding and exhausting to watch.

Kwaku received a justly deserved standing ovation at the end.

I cannot recommend this play highly enough.