Death Drop Review

The Alexandra, Birmingham – until 27 November 2021

Reviewed by Amarjeet Singh


Set in 1991, on mysterious Tuck Island, a strange arrangement of guests are invited to a dinner party under the impression that they will be dining with royalty. The irony being that they are kings and queens in their own right. After all, Death Drop is a night glittered with drag aristocracy.

Tensions rise as ego’s inflate, suspicions mount, secrets are revealed, and fingers are frantically being pointed (well those who have them) to avoid being labeled the murderer or worse still, having their questionable pasts or lack of talents exposed. One by one they are bumped off in the most spectacular style, until the truth is uncovered, and the murderer is revealed.

Death Drop is funny…no, I mean really funny. The production is so subtly well thought out, from puns to physical comedy, it’s all there. A real commitment to bringing the laughs to you in an immersive and inclusive way as the performers break the 4th wall and invite you into shady Shantay Manor.

Death Drop, written and performed by the sublime Holly Stars, is a murder mystery but its more than that. The humour is both light and dark, childish and extremely clever, occasionally catching you off guard and making you howl, much like myself and most of the audience were doing last night. There were also moments of downright filth but what else are you expecting from the Drag glitterati. The story was not always supposed to make sense, but that was part of the humour. You are meant to be in on the joke, to let go, sit back and be truly entertained. The static set is bright and opulent – it is everything. All the performers seemed to be enjoying themselves and relished the interplay with each other and the audience which added to the overall energy and excellent comic timing.

Drag stars Willam, Ra’Jah O’Hara, Holly Stars, Vinegar Strokes and Karen from Finance with a full cast of leading drag performers, brought this performance at the beautiful Alexandra in Birmingham to life, and then, unfortunately, to death!

Death Drop is a palooza of a production, a colourful whirlwind of wicked one-liners, a stellar cast of drag royalty and a nostalgic night out.

She is a play that slays!