An Officer and A Gentleman Review

Bristol Hippodrome – until 4 August 2018

Reviewed by Lucy Hitchcock


Love lifts us up where we belong and this cast certainly belongs on the stage!

Having never seen the original film of An Officer and A Gentleman, I had a completely open mind and was excited to see this show. I was thoroughly impressed and extremely enjoyed it!

The cast was exceptional and showed extreme talent and encapsulated the audience instantaneously. Emma Williams who played Paula Pokrifki, the romantic female lead, was exquisite. Her voice soared with ease and she was vulnerable, witty, confident and exciting, all whilst singing and giving the most beautiful performance. She was so passionate and I truly believed her performance; the heartbreak and the happiness. She showed prowess and immense talent, with her effortless belt during ‘Alone’.

Jonny Fines as Zack Mayo was brilliant. His entrance emulated that of James Dean; raw sexual prowess with flowing hair riding on a motorbike. His voice blended exceptionally with William’s to create some delightful harmonies. Their rapport onstage was a joy to watch and at some points, I felt like I was intruding on their romance.

Corrina Powlesland and Rachel Stanley as Aunt Bunny and Esther Pokrifki respectively deserve a special mention for their bold vocals that filled the auditorium with ease. Stanley’s duet with Williams on ‘Don’t cry out loud’ was uplifting and spirited and showed the compassion shown by both onstage.

The set was simple, but effective and transported the audience to the officers training rooms, the bars, motels and factory where ‘It’s a mans world’ is performed.

This is a busy show that will excite and keep you entertained throughout. The central themes of love and passion are prominent throughout, along with sub themes of heartbreak and anger that are shown through the unapologetic mix of 80’s Cheese and romance. This is a spectacle that shouldn’t be missed!