Aida Review

Tyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle – 4 March 2020

Reviewed by Hayley Thompson


The Russian State Opera’s version of Aida, an Italian opera is something I don’t usually go to the theatre to see. However the amazing vocals, set and the emotion that is presented throughout this production may have pushed me to become an opera fan.

The older ladies and gentlemen of the audience knew how to respect this production as soon as the lights dimmed which was so relieving and fascinating to see. This love story certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I must admit I did struggle at first due to the language and having to take my eyes away from the cast to read the subtitles but after a while the subtitles seem unnecessary due to being pulled into the story. This is a huge thanks to the cast.

This production begins with the live orchestra giving us a taste of what they are about to bring to us. If you are into your music you will definitely appreciate this moment. The show then reveals the set which is so detailed and impressive. The actors vocals are outstanding and the expression they give is phenomenal which is key for us to understand the wonderful story