Dreamboats & Petticoats Bringing On Back The Good Times Review

Festival Theatre, Malvern – until 3rd September 2022

Reviewed by Courie Amado Juneau


This is the third instalment in the Dreamboats & Petticoats stage franchise. The story follows the continuing trials and tribulations of Bobby and Laura.

The story opens (rather satisfyingly) in a dusty attic with an even dustier tape recorder leading us into a conversation about an era before streaming, CDs etc… It’s the conversation those of us of a certain age will quickly recognise. We are soon transported back to St. Mungos Youth Club where the fictional band Norman and the Conquests are exploring some creative differences. Fame beckons for our heroine (in Torquay, naturally) contrasting with a summer season at Butlins for her beau, keeping them far apart. There’s obviously a back story from previous segments but it’s explained enough so you don’t lose out if this is your first show in series. The narrative feels genuine, interesting and of it’s time! It isn’t, however, just a thin excuse to play some classic tunes. The band were well drilled, tight and exciting and I was particularly impressed with the lady backing singers wielding the saxes, which made me realise every band should have them. An intoxicating combination! The “Blue Moon” acapella was another highlight. There’s a lot of saucy humour present throughout. Indeed, the entire cast’s timing was as flawless in comedic and dramatic terms as it was in musical ones. David Benson’s impression (unseen) of Kenneth Williams was impeccable and made me grin from ear to ear. The undoubted star comic turn was Norman (played by Joseph Lukehurst) with genuinely lol-worthy moments with a pram and also his breakup song’s histrionics. His mean, moody rocker showed he has an impressive breadth of characterisation up his sleeves.

The couples (both married ones and our two leads) were particularly strong vocally. Bobby (Jacob Fowler) and Laura (Elizabeth Carter) made a likeable couple in a superb piece of casting giving us a believable dynamic we genuinely cared about.

The absolute standout performance of the night was Lauren Anderson-Oakley (playing Sue) singing “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” which was so wrought with passionate emotion it made me cry. A powerhouse performance that showcased a wonderful talent to its fullest effect. In a word, stunning! “Venus In Blue Jeans” was showcased in both a knowing joke (which I won’t spoil) early in the show as well as a welcome return, along with several other hits, from tonight’s bona fide 60’s star turn Mark Wynter (playing Larry the impresario) – proving himself as pleasing an actor as he is a singer. “At The Hop” closed the show in a genuine party atmosphere in the best tradition of The Young Ones! A rousing send off for a fantastic show with a lot to endear it with the music (obviously) but also reveling in the 60s innocent attitude, the clothes etc etc. A feel good show that I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending.

The Cockpit theatre announces New York Voices season with classic revival & new musical

The Cockpit announces New York Voices season
including classic revival and new musical
The Cockpit, Gateforth St, London NW8 8EH
Thursday 13th October – Tuesday 31st January 2022

Marylebone’s The Cockpit will look across the Atlantic this Autumn, bringing a season of New York plays to the heart of London. Two major productions lead the season: one, a classic revival of Lanford Wilson’s Talley’s Folley; the other, an exciting new musical based on the life and legacy of Rita Hayworth. There will also be theatrical readings of a diverse range of plays by Pulitzer Prize-winning New York based playwrights such as Annie Baker, Jeremy O. Harris and Sarah Ruhl.

The 20th century saw New York shine as a beacon of theatre writing and avant-garde performance. Writers from Tennessee Williams to David Mamet and Lorraine Hansberry wrote alongside the live art of Laurie Anderson and Merce Cunningham, and companies such as The Wooster Group and Richard Foreman’s Ontological-Hysteric Theatre pushed boundaries in form and theatre aesthetics. The Cockpit’s New York Voices programme asks to what extent New York still leads the way. Is the city still producing powerful theatre voices for the 21st century? If so, what are they saying? And how are they saying it?

USA-based Burning Coal Theatre Company is joining forces with The Cockpit to bring Lanford Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning work Talley’s Folly back to the London stage, 40 years after its last professional production in the capital. A timely revival for a seminal work, the play is a visceral reminder for today’s audience that love and connection are the timeless human qualities that can see us through hard times. The greatest playwright you’ve never heard of; Lanford Wilson occupies a premier position as a hugely influential and prolific member of New York’s off-Broadway theatre scene of the late 1950s, his one-act play deals with the heroic resilience of the American heartland folks he grew up with. Identifying the struggle, dignity and authenticity of those living in the ‘flyover states’, Wilson examines that most American of subjects – immigration – through the relationship between a Jewish refugee and a lonely, embittered and brilliant outcast.

Love Goddess – The Rita Hayworth Musical is the world premiere of a new production about Fred Astaire’s all-time favourite dance partner, and the bride Orson Welles wanted more than any other woman in the world. Considered by many to be the most beautiful woman of her day, Rita Hayworth is revered as one of the greatest movie starts who ever lived. Originally a solo play written and performed by Almog Pail entitled Me, Myself and Rita, and then Love Goddess, the Cabaret, this production has evolved into a full-length musical by Pail and co-writer Stephen Garvey (The Bardy Bunch: The War of the Families Partridge and Brady, Off Broadway). It features five cast members portraying over 40 characters, 12 original songs by Broadway pianist Logan Medland (Fingers and Toes, NYMF), as well as thrilling jazz, tap, and Flamenco dance sequences by award-winning choreographer Lorna Ventura. Audiences can expect to delve deeper into Hayworth’s story, including her experience with Alzheimer’s and her quest to find a partner who would truly love her for who she was.

The Cockpit will also present theatrical readings of the works of a diverse range of New York playwrights. The readings kick off with Late: a cowboy song from award-winning playwright, author, essayist, and professor Sarah Ruhl (Eurydice; The Clean House), followed by Brooklyn based playwright Jackie Sibblies Drury’s (Marys Seacole) Really. In November, Christopher Shinn’s (Dying City) Against will be presented along with double Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and screenwriter Lynn Nottage’s (Sweat; Ruined) Intimate Apparel. December will see Lear from Artistic Director of her own not-for-profit theatre company Young Jean Lee (Straight White Men). In the new year, Annie Baker’s (The Flick; Circle Mirror Transformation) The Aliens is followed by Yell: A Documentary of My Time Here by Tony-nominated Jeremy O.Harris (Slave Play; “Daddy”: A Melodrama).

Saturday Night Fever – Touring The UK This Autumn – Direct From Its Triumphant West End Run




“This Saturday Night Fever is a creature of wild explosive beauty. Not only a gold plated hit but a bulls eye”

The Spectator

This is magnificent, joyous, life-enhancing theatre”

The New European

“You should be dancin’. Surely the greatest soundtrack of all time”

Daily Mail

“Absolute perfection. The hottest ticket in town”

West End Best Friend

“A thunderous, feelgood finale brough the audience to its feet”

The Times

Direct from the West End, Bill Kenwright’s production of Saturday Night Fever returns this year, hitting the road this September, allowing audiences up and down the country a chance to experience the best-selling Bee Gees soundtrack live on stage in this spectacularly reimagined musical which promises to have you grabbing your boogie shoes and dancing in the aisles!

Saturday Night Fever follows the story of Tony Manero, as he embarks on a reckless yet thrilling road to dancing success. It’s a homage to the 1977 John Travolta classic with more drama, more music, and hot new choreography and features onstage actor-musicians in the roles of the Bee Gees, singing all your favourite hits!

Jack Wilcox will lead the cast in the role of Tony Manero joined by Rebekah Bryant as his dance partner Stephanie including the onstage presence of the Bee Gees, played by Drew FerryOliver Thomson and AJ Jenks.

Completing the glittering line-up are: Harry Goodson-Bevan (Bobby C); James Brice (Gus); Liam Morris (Double J); Dominic Gore (Joey); Billie Hardy (Annette); Tosca Fischer (Connie); Emily Bolland (Linda); Phillip Aiden (Frank Senior); Marios Nicolaides (Frank Junior); Melody Jones (Flo Manero); Faizal Jaye (DJ Monty); Yiota Theo (ensemble); Ashley Luke Lloyd (ensemble); Anthony Starr (ensemble); Joshua Clayton (ensemble); Helen Gulston (ensemble) and James Cohen (ensemble).

Featuring songs from the one of the bestselling movie soundtracks of all time, including the 70s disco classics, Stayin’ Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, Night Fever, Tragedy, and many more, Saturday Night Fever promises to be a night to remember!

Saturday Night Fever is produced and directed by Bill Kenwright, with choreography by Bill Deamer, design by Gary McCann, lighting by Nick Richings, and sound by Dan Samson. The stage adaptation is by Robert Stigwood in collaboration with Bill Oakes. 


Bill Kenwright presents 


Adapted by Robert Stigwood

Directed by Bill Kenwright
Design by Gary McCann

Lighting Design by Nick Richings

Dates: 5 September – 26 November 2022

Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes                      miltonkeynes-theatre.co.uk

5 Sep – 10 Sep 2022                                                    0333 009 6690

Grand Opera House, Belfast                                      goh.co.uk

19 Sep – 24 Sep 2022                                                  028 9024 1919

Palace Theatre, Manchester                                      atgtickets.com/manchester

26 Sep – 1 Oct 2022                                                    020 7206 1174                                             

Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury                                     theatresevern.co.uk

3 Oct – 8 Oct 2022                                                      01743 281281

New Theatre, Oxford                                                 atgtickets.com/oxford

10 Oct – 15 Oct 2022                                                  0333 009 6690

Regent Theatre, Stoke-On-Trent                               atgtickets.com/stoke

24 Oct – 29 Oct 2022                                                  0844 871 7615

The Playhouse, Edinburgh                                         atgtickets.com/edinburgh

31 Oct – 5 Nov 2022                                                   03330 096 690

The Alhambra, Bradford                                            bradford-theatres.co.uk

7 Nov – 12 Nov 2022                                                  01274 432000

Princess Theatre, Torquay                                         atgtickets.com/torguay

14 Nov – 19 Nov 2022                                                0333 009 6690

The Alexandra, Birmingham                                         atgtickets.com/birmingham

21 Nov – 26 Nov 2022                                                0844 871 7615

Bugsy Malone Review

Grand Theatre & Opera House, Leeds – until Sunday 4 September 2022

Reviewed By Sal E Marino 


The world-renowned, critically acclaimed musical Bugsy Malone was a sensational hit on every score at the magnificent Grand theatre (where one always receives the warmest of welcomes), Leeds, last night!  The whole production was undeniably slick and every second was filled with the best, high-quality entertainment I’ve seen in a long time.  This gem of a show was brilliantly directed by Sean Holmes with superb, pin-sharp choreography from Drew McOnie and all one needed was a first-class cast – which we certainly had in the form of: Shaun Sharma (Bugsy), Delilah Bennett-Cardy (Blousey), Isham Sankoh (Fat Sam), Fayth Ifil (Tallulah), Elliot Arthur Mugume (Fizzy), Kayla-Mai Alvares (Lena / Babyface), Kit Cranston and with a multi-talented ensemble and swing. 

This modern classic musical show is based on the hit 1976 movie by Alan Parker and one that has been reproduced in many high schools all over the world.  One of my guests concurred this and lovingly remembered putting together a performance with her class and colleagues back in the 1980s.  The original film launched the careers of Jodie Foster and Scott Baio and received eight BAFTA nominations and three Golden Globe nominations including Best Motion Picture for a Musical.  Having grown up with the film myself, I personally knew every lyric and my fourteen year old daughter is now very eager to see it too after thoroughly enjoying this spectacular show!

Set in the prohibition era of New York, a city full of: mobsters, showgirls and dreamers sees two rival gangster bosses (Fat Sam and Dandy Dan) who are at loggerheads – battling with custard pies and Dan’s new-fangled ‘splurge’ gun.

Enter our hero, Bugsy Malone, a penniless failed boxer due to a ‘glass chin’ and all-round nice guy who wants to take his girlfriend, Blousey, to Hollywood and so to fulfil her dreams of stardom he needs money and fast! Bugsy comes into the gangster limelight when he becomes the last resort for Fat Sam, who after his gang is wiped out, needs a miracle in the form of someone who is savvy as opposed to his lovable but feckless mob!

Bugsy Malone is a fast-paced and inventive family show and this production works on every level –  from the up-beat songs to the funny quips and one liners delivered to us by Tallulah and Bugsy.  There is much comedy too from Sam’s ‘Bad Guys’ and the gag where ‘Knuckles’ keeps cracking his knuckles never fails to produce a giggle.  

I can honestly recommend this show to EVERYONE as it brims over with energy and if you don’t already know the songs you soon will, as they’re infectiously fantastic!  During these current times, where we could all do with some laughs and and entertainment, Bugsy Malone won’t disappoint but only uplift because it’s dazzling and a riot of fun!  

Cast Announced for ‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’ adapted by Tom Basden (Plebs/Here We Go) starring BAFTA-winner Daniel Rigby


A Sheffield Theatres production



By Dario Fo and Franca Rame
Adaptor Tom Basden
Director Daniel Raggett
Designer Anna Reid
Lighting Designer Jai Morjaria
Sound Designer Annie May Fletcher
Musical Arrangements Nick Barstow
Casting Director Lotte Hines

Tanya Moiseiwitsch Playhouse, Sheffield – Fri 23 Sep – Sat 15 Oct

Sheffield Theatres today announces the full cast for their production of Accidental Death of an Anarchist, which will open as the first production in the newly named Tanya Moiseiwitsch Playhouse (previously Studio Theatre), in Sheffield on Friday 23 September. Dario Fo and Franca Rame’s farcical examination of police power is presented in a new adaptation by comedian, writer and actor Tom Basden (ITV’s Plebs and BBC comedy Here We Go).

Playing the role of The Maniac is the previously announced BAFTA-winning actor Daniel Rigby (Sheffield’s Frost/Nixon, Channel 4’s Flowers, Netflix’s Black Mirror and BBC’s Eric and Ernie). Further casting includes: Shane David-Joseph (Jerusalem) playing Joseph, Tony Gardner (BBC’s Last Tango in Halifax) playing The Superintendent,Jordan Metcalfe (Jack Absolute Flies Again) playing Daisy, Ruby Thomas (Pride and Prejudice) playing Fi Phelan, and Howard Ward (Pride and Prejudice) playing Burton.

Daniel Rigby returns to Sheffield Theatres for his third production, having performed in Frost/Nixon and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Ruby Thomas and Howard Ward also return having both performed in Pride and Prejudice.

Shane David-Joseph, Tony Gardner and Jordan Metcalfemake their Sheffield Theatres debut with Accidental Death of an Anarchist.

We know we’re up to our necks in the sh*t. That’s why we walk with our heads held high!

An irrepressible, shape-shifting fraudster known only as The Maniac is brought into Police Headquarters just as the officers inside prepare for a judicial review of the ‘accidental’ death of a suspect while held in custody weeks earlier.

Unable to the resist the opportunity to hold court, The Maniac dupes the police into performing a farcical recreation of the incident, exposing the absurd corruption and terrifying idiocy at the heart of the system.

With Daniel Rigby (Frost/Nixon, A Midsummer Night’s Dream) as The Maniac, Dario Fo’s riotous 20th century classic is adapted by BAFTA-nominated and Edinburgh Comedy Award-Winning writer Tom Basden.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist will be the first production to be staged in the Tanya Moiseiwitsch Playhouse; newly named to honour the pioneering theatre designer, whose bold and adventurous style is reflected in the plays performed in the flexible space.

Daniel Raggett, Director of Accidental Death of an Anarchist, said:

‘I’m really excited to be working with a brilliant cast and creative team to bring Tom Basden’s timely adaptation of Dario Fo and Franca Rame’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist to Sheffield. At the heart of this hilarious farce is an excoriating investigation of abuses of power by those in authority and the seemingly never ending cycle of outrage and inquiry in which we’re trapped. The form is no accident as there is something inherently farcical about the world of alternative facts, scandals and ineptitude in which we live.’

Tom Basden, Adaptor of Accidental Death of an Anarchist, added:

‘As well as being one of the funniest plays ever written, Accidental Death of an Anarchist is a searing study into police corruption and incompetence that is just as relevant and shocking today as it was when first staged over 50 years ago. As a long-time fan of his work, I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to adapt Dario Fo and Franca Rame’s masterpiece for a modern British audience, updating and altering some elements of the script which Dario was able to read and approve before he passed away. I’m also thrilled to be working with the astonishingly funny Danny Rigby once again, and can’t wait to see our fantastic cast and creative team bring the show to life at such an iconic theatre.’

Tickets for Accidental Death of an Anarchist are on sale now. Tickets can be booked through the Box Office in person, over the phone on 0114 249 6000 or at sheffieldtheatres.co.uk.




Critically acclaimed Wise Children, led by Artistic Director Emma Rice, today announce they become the owners of the old Portway Methodist Church in Frome. The space, renamed The Lucky Chance, will become the company’s permanent home to workshop new ideas, rehearse shows, and provide a base for The School for Wise Children, the company’s training programme for fearless, diverse, independent artists.

The church, which closed in September 2021, was built in 1910 and will undergo some TLC and minor refurbishment with the help of local builders, decorators, gardeners and contractors. In line with Wise Children’s mission, the space will be shared. It will become a creative hub for the local artistic community, offering meeting and rehearsal space for projects that chime with the company’s values and ethos.

Artistic Director of Wise Children, Emma Rice, says today, “Our new home will be a place to be proud of, a place to inspire, a place to host and place to dream. We plan to invest our hearts, souls, minds and skills into this home. In turn, it will invest in us. It will be the sail and the anchor as Wise Children navigates its unique and joyful course.

The School for Wise Children, led by Emma Rice and her award-winning collaborators, offers workshops, courses and traineeships for independent theatre-makers and emerging companies whether they are starting a career or looking to develop skills. Passionate about making high-level theatrical training accessible to everyone, all places at the School are free.


Created and led by Emma Rice, Wise Children launched in April 2018 and is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation. We make ground-breaking work with exceptional artists, and tour across the world. In the dark days of 2020, we led the field in livestreaming, becoming the first UK company to broadcast a full staged production, without social distancing, from a UK theatre after lockdown. Alongside our shows, we run a unique professional development programme, The School for Wise Children, training a new and more diverse generation of theatre practitioners.


Twitter:               @Wise_Children

Instagram:          @Wise_Children

Facebook:          @WiseChildrenCompany



●     Following a successful run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the award-winning production of Wreckage, will open at Turbine Theatre in January 2023.

Harlow Playhouse is pleased to announce that Wreckage will be heading to London in January 2023.

The award-winning production of Wreckage will open at London’s Turbine Theatre on Thursday 5th January 2023 following a successful run at Edinburgh’s Summerhall as part of this year’s Fringe Festival.

Writer, Tom Ratcliffe, said: “I’m absolutely delighted that Wreckage is coming to London and the Turbine Theatre in January before heading on tour. The reception with audiences in Edinburgh has been overwhelming and it has been incredibly moving to hear from audiences who have connected with the material. I’ve been a big fan of the Turbine and Paul’s work for a long time and it’s very exciting to be bringing the show back to where it all started at Rally Fest in 2021.  Wreckage is a story that I’m hoping will continue to touch audience members hearts. It is a love story filled with loss, guilt, joy, and everything in between.”

Executive Producer, Rory Davies, said: “I am delighted that Harlow Playhouse will be bringing our production of Wreckage to London! We’ve had an overwhelming response from our run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we can’t wait to share this story with so many more people. It means a great deal to us to be bringing this evolved and special production to Turbine Theatre.”

Written by Tom Ratcliffe (“polished and compassionate script”, the Scotsman) and directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE, Wreckage is a one-act original drama about love and loss.

It tells the beautiful story of Sam, played by Tom Ratcliffe (Velvet, Sket, 5 Guys Chillin’) and his fiancé Noel, played by west end star Michael Walters (Steve, The Inheritance, Death of a Salesman).

Together they have a house, a cat, and their entire lives ahead of them. But when a sudden and permanent distance disrupts their relationship, Sam is left to figure out where their story goes from here.

Wreckage (is a compelling piece of theatre.”, Culture Fix) is a touching story about continuing bonds and love that only evolves, and never dies.






“Do everything legal you can to get a ticket” Evening Standard

Following sell out runs at this year’s Edinburgh Festival, and previously at Soho Theatre, Liz Kingsman’s critically acclaimed One-Woman Show transfers to the West End for a strictly limited six-week run later this year.


“A tour de force” The Guardian; Number 1 Comedy Show of 2021

Liz Kingsman said today, “No one is more surprised than I am that the theatre community continue to take this prank at face value. In saying that, I am beyond excited to bring the show to London’s West End. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier.”

Wessex Grove’s Emily Vaughan-Barratt and Benjamin Lowy commented, “We are delighted to be transferring Liz’s extraordinary hit into the West End later this year. What she has created is the perfect show – it’s hysterical, powerful and incredibly clever. She is undoubtedly a major force and one we are proud to be collaborating with.”


“A blazingly clever skewering of the clichéd narratives around women’s lives” i newspaper

To sign up for advance information and access to priority booking for the production, please register your interest at www.one-womanshow.com


Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: onewomanshowuk



Written and performed by Liz Kingsman

Director Adam Brace; Lighting Designer Daniel Carter-Brennan

Further creative team to be announced


“A gloriously stupid, ‘Airplane’-esque daft romp… Fight for a ticket” Telegraph

Described as “the greatest breakthrough show of the past 12 months” (The Times), One-Woman Show transfers to the West End for a strictly limited run later this year. A bold, irreverent, raw, moving and triumphant celebration of adjectives, this blurb will nail down nothing.

Trigger warning: contains blinding ambition.

Liz Kingsman is an actor and writer, and creator of the Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated One-Woman Show. She can currently be seen in the second season of critically acclaimed French political satire Parlement on France 2, and Down From London, streaming on Topic (US), which she co-created and wrote with Sharon Horgan’s Merman Productions based on an award-winning short film. Previous acting credits include BAFTA-nominated ITV2 sitcom Timewasters, Borderline on Netflix, and topical Channel 4 comedies Ballot Monkeys and Power Monkeys. She is this year’s winner of the Times Breakthrough Award at the Sky Arts South Bank Awards, and was named in The Evening Standard and The Observer’s Faces to Watch in 2022.

Adam Brace directs. He is Associate Director at Soho Theatre, London where he works across Comedy, Theatre and Performance Art and in roles spanning dramaturg, director and writer. In comedy he has developed a varied range of work including 8 Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated shows, 2 Herald Angel Award-winners, 2 nominees for the Melbourne Barry Award and 2 Southbank Sky Arts Awards. Directing credits include all of Alex Edelman’s shows, most recently Just For Us (Drama Desk Nominee 2022) currently extended six times Off-Broadway; Age is a Feeling by Haley McGee (Fringe First 2022, Soho Theatre this autumn); all of Sh!t Theatre’s multi-award-winning international shows. Other credits include Ahir Shah’s HBO Max special Dots and Creative Supervisor on two series of Soho Theatre Live on Amazon Prime. Previously he was a playwright and was produced by Almeida Theatre, the National Theatre and the Donmar Warehouse; his plays are published by Faber and Faber.

One-Woman Show was originally produced at the Soho Theatre and Traverse Theatre by Country Mile Productions.

LES MISÉRABLES Tour Announces SIOBHAN O’DRISCOLL to join as ‘Éponine’ and LAUREN DREW to join as ‘Fantine’








Cameron Mackintosh is delighted to announce Siobhan O’Driscoll as ‘Éponine’ and Lauren Drew as ‘Fantine’ joining the company of the acclaimed UK and Ireland Tour of Boublil and Schönberg’s “LES MISÉRABLES”.

Siobhan O’Driscoll stars as ‘Éponine’ from Wednesday 31 August, when the show opens in Norwich. Her previous theatre credits include playing Heather in both the UK Tour and New Zealand productions of American Idiot.

Lauren Drew stars as ‘Fantine’ from Wednesday 2 November, when the show opens in Sunderland. Lauren was most recently seen in Legally Blonde at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. Her other theatre credits include Catherine of Aragon in the UK Tour of SIX, Heathers at The Other Palace, Evita at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre and Kinky Boots at the Adelphi Theatre. She was a contestant on ITV’s The Voice UK in 2021, reaching the semi finals.

Siobhan O’Driscoll and Lauren Drew join Dean Chisnall as ‘Jean Valjean’, Nic Greenshields as ‘Javert’ Ian Hughes as ‘Thénardier’, Will Callan as ‘Marius’, Helen Walsh as ‘Madame Thénardier’, Samuel Wyn-Morris as ‘Enjolras’ and Paige Blankson as ‘Cosette’.

The cast is completed by George Arvidson, Aidan Banyard, Will Barratt, Adam Boardman, Rebecca Bolton, Emily Olive Boyd, Olivia Brereton, Harry Chandler, Rebecca Ferrin, Aimee Good, Steven Hall, Jenna Innes, Tessa Kadler, Damian Kneale, Caleb Lagayan, Abel Law, Joseph McDonnell, Zabrina Norry, Emily Owens, Jordan Simon Pollard, Jamie Pritchard, Dean ReadRebecca Ridout and Rick Zwart.

Since Cameron Mackintosh first conceived this acclaimed new production of LES MISÉRABLES in 2009, to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, it has taken the world by storm. It will relaunch its record-breaking tour of North America in October this year, a new tour of The Netherlands is set for early 2023 with further productions to be announced.

Boublil and Schönberg’s magnificent iconic score of LES MISÉRABLES includes the classic songs, I Dreamed a Dream, On My Own, Stars, Bring Him Home, Do You Hear the People Sing?, One Day More, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, Master Of The House and many more. Several of its songs have become real life anthems of revolution wherever in the world people are fighting for their freedom. Seen by over 130 million people worldwide in 53 countries and in 22 languages, LES MISÉRABLES is undisputedly one of the world’s most popular and contemporary musicals.

Cameron Mackintosh’s production of LES MISÉRABLES is written by Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg and is based on the novel by Victor Hugo. It has music by Claude-Michel Schönberg, lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer and original French text by Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Natel, additional material by James Fenton and adaptation by Trevor Nunn and John Caird. Orchestrations are by Stephen Metcalfe, Christopher Jahnke and Stephen Brooker with original orchestrations by John Cameron. The production is directed by James Powell and Laurence Connor, designed by Matt Kinley inspired by the paintings of Victor Hugo with costumes by Andreane Neofitou and Christine Rowland, lighting by Paule Constable, sound by Mick Potter, projections realised by Finn Ross and Fifty Nine Productions, musical staging by Geoffrey Garratt, and music supervision by Stephen Brooker and Graham Hurman.



A Sheffield Theatres production



By Steve Waters
Director of Resilience Caroline Steinbeis
Director of On The Beach Chelsea Walker
Designer Georgia Lowe
Lighting Designer Guy Hoare
Sound Designer and Composer Giles Thomas
Casting Director Arthur Carrington

Assistant Director Callum Berridge

The Crucible, Sheffield
Resilience: Friday 14 Oct – Saturday 5 Nov
On the Beach: Saturday 15 Oct – Saturday 5 Nov

Sheffield Theatres today announces the full cast for the double bill of climate change plays by playwright Steve WatersResilience and On The Beach, part of The Contingency Plan, which will open at the Crucible, Sheffield on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October respectively.

Performing fixed roles across both plays, Joe Bannister (Trouble in Mind) will play the role of Will and Kiran Landa (Extinct) will play the role of Sarika. Joining them are: Geraldine Alexander (Oslo) playing Tessa in Resilience and Jenny in On The BeachPeter Forbes (Jack Absolute Flies Again) playing Colin in Resilience and Robin in On The Beach, and Paul Ready (Motherland) playing Christopher in Resilience.

Paul Ready returns to Sheffield Theatres, having performed in World Music. Geraldine Alexander, Joe Bannister, Peter Forbes and Kiran Landa make their Sheffield Theatres debut with The Contingency Plan.

Steve Waters’ climate-emergency double bill is brought up to date, specially revised for this Sheffield run thirteen years after their acclaimed debut in 2009. One play is a compelling family drama, the other a thrilling political satire. Each stands alone, together they’re a fearless, funny and foreboding portrait of a near future.


Freshly appointed as a government advisor Will is in Westminster and out of his depth. As environmental disaster looms, it’s a race against time to take action, but can he get ministers to listen before it is too late?

On the Beach

Will’s father was a leading climate scientist before retreating to the coast, his promising career mysteriously cut short. Now Will has picked up his father’s work, and with the threat of a catastrophic flood moving ever closer, he returns to the family home with news that will force secrets to the surface.

Caroline Steinbeis, Director of Resilience, and Chelsea Walker, Director of On the Beach, said:

‘We cannot wait to share The Contingency Plan with Sheffield audiences. The more we get to know these plays, the more urgent they seem to become. And we are thrilled to be working with such a talented, exciting company – we have an intimate cast of four for On the Beach, with Paul Ready joining Resilience to form a wider cast of five. We could not ask for a better company to bring these politically thrilling, entertaining and deeply moving plays to life.’

Tickets for The Contingency Plan are on sale now. Tickets can be booked through the Box Office in person, over the phone on 0114 249 6000 or at sheffieldtheatres.co.uk.