Fiddler on the Roof Review

Playhouse Theatre – booking to 2 November 2019

Reviewed by Claire Roderick


After seeing this production in the intimate space of the Menier, ideal for staging the claustrophobia of shtetl life, I was curious to see how Trevor Nunn’s shtetl would be realised in a larger theatre. Robert Jones’ set is still sublime – a rickety and ramshackle row of wooden houses with an intricate series of doors for the inhabitants to appear through. Using just planks and crates, the cast set up different sites in the shtetl that are instantly recognisable. With the stage extended forward and a walkway through the centre of the stalls, and a screen of wooden planks and trees narrowing the side aisles, the atmosphere is intense – in the stalls at least – as the cast move amongst the audience.

Fiddler on the Roof is one of those musicals that even people who hate musical theatre can hum at least one tune from, and Jerry Boch and Sheldon Harnick’s music and lyrics just sweep you away from the moment the fiddler puts his bow to the strings. Joseph Stein’s book becomes a little episodic, but that is completely forgivable to reach the show’s lowkey ending. The story of Tevye, the poor dairyman, struggling to marry off his five daughters and the whole community clinging to tradition as a shield against the rapidly changing world is full of humour and emotion; and in the hands of this incredible cast, every word is heartfelt without being corny.

Andy Nyman is a phenomenal Tevye – capturing the frustration, sadness and love of the character in a multi-layered performance that will just blow you away. He has made the role his own. Maria Friedman joins the cast as Golde his long-suffering wife and their scenes together are extraordinary, conveying so much emotion effortlessly, and making familiar songs seem fresh and new. Friedman manages to exude frustration, resignation and hope all at once, and that voice! Anita Dobson also joins the cast as Yente and appears to be having as much fun playing the interfering old matchmaker as the audience is watching her. Molly Osborne, Harriet Bunton and Nicola Brown give each of the tentatively rebellious daughters a beautifully subtle strength and Joshua Gannon, Stewart Clarke and Mathew Hawksley are quirky and charming as their imperfect suitors. The whole cast is sublime, with tight vocals and excelling in Matt Cole’s choreography. The production keeps Jerome Robbins’ choreography for the raucous celebrations of To Life and The Wedding/Bottle Dance, with the male dancers bringing the house down with their insane dancing.

If you’re looking for a production that can pull on your heartstrings but keep you laughing out loud and tapping your feet to its irresistible rhythms, then Fiddler on the Roof is the one to see. Simply glorious.

Radio Review

Arcola Theatre – until 13 July 2019

Reviewed by Claire Roderick


The 50th anniversary of the moon landing is fast approaching, and Audible’s revival of Al Smith’s play captures the spirit of adventure and patriotism that swelled in the US about the Apollo missions.

Adam Gillen is captivating as Charlie Fairbanks Jr, born in the dead centre of the US at the dead centre of the twentieth century. Charlie begins tentatively, almost apologetically to talk about his parents, his childhood, and his dream of becoming an astronaut and walking on the moon. As Charlie tells his story, full of homespun humour and set against important events in US history, his passion for space and science shines through, with Gillen changing from hunching self-deprecation to wide-eyed and quietly passionate philosophising and educating about light and history. Charlie’s longing to become an astronaut leads to him making a naïve and devastating decision to join up and go to Vietnam, and the scars left from his tour of duty are visible in Smith’s script and Gillen’s expert performance. The darker side of the American dream casts a long shadow over Charlie’s family, but his outrage is saved for the growing apathy of the public about the space programme. The storytelling meanders and digresses into apparent dead ends, but everyone of these leads to a stirring payoff as the play progresses. Even Charlie’s initial gentle awkwardness and his need to share his story, even though some memories are still raw and painful all become clear when you realise who he is telling his story to and will bring a lump to your throat.

With just a chair and a banner of red white and blue threads on stage, there is no hiding place for Gillen, and he keeps the audience riveted with his understated but emotive performance. Director Josh Roche has created a production that is never static, with exquisite lighting that ranges between a stark white that fixes Charlie to the spot and a languid lunar glow in which he can lose himself as he takes the audience to the moon and back.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Review – Shakespeare in the Squares Summer Tour 2019

Reviewed by Claire Roderick


Where better to watch fairies, lovers and rude mechanicals caper in the woods than surrounded by the trees of London’s beautiful squares and gardens? This year’s Shakespeare in the Squares production is A Midsummer Night’s Dream – and it is glorious.

With a cast of eight and a 1920s setting, there is a travelling circus vibe to the show, with musical hall songs and familiar favourites scattered throughout the play – when you’ve got voices as good as this in your cast, you’ve got to let them sing.

James Tobin’s Puck, dressed like Bowie does Panto, is brilliantly camp and playfully vicious – much to the delight of the children in the audience, who he interacted with whenever possible. Under Tatty Hennessy’s expert direction, there are lots of little touches as well as the over the top physical comedy. As the four young lovers argue and fight under the influence of Puck’s misplaced magic, Puck and Oberon munch on popcorn as if they are watching Netflix.

Gemma Barnett and Hannah Sinclair Robinson give Hermia and Helena a fantastic steeliness under all the mooning about after their men, and really let loose in their big confrontation. With such strong women, David Leopold and Riad Richie make the most of playing Lysander and Demetrius for laughs – highlighting their fickleness and idiocy to great effect. Under Tarit Dor’s movement direction, the two create some fantastic physical comedy as they fight for Helena’s love. Sioned Jones and Paul Giddings, looking like a fortune teller and a ringmaster, are a hoot as Titania and Oberon, but Jodie Jacobs steals the show as Bottom – channelling Matt Berry with her declaiming voice and keeping the audience in fits of laughter.

As the natural light fades, the trees are lit with purple as the birdsong builds as they fly home to roost. There may be the occasional siren, but it’s easy to ignore when you’re watching something this entertaining. The performance of Pyramus and Thisbe, so often painfully unfunny as companies try too hard, is laugh out loud hilarious. The rude mechanicals are wonderful characterisations, and the look on the children’s face as Snug found her roar was a joy to see.

The tour continues until 11 July – grab a ticket while you can for this magical madcap mayhem.

St James’s Square SW1 – 27 June

Paddington Street Gardens W1 – 28 June – matinee and evening shows

Little Wormwood Scrubs W10 – 29 June

Ladbroke Square Garden W11 – 30 June

Cornwall Gardens SW7 – 2 July

Connaught Square W2 – 3 July

Elgin & Arundel Gardens W11 – 4 July

Bedford Square WC1 – 5 July

St. Peter’s Square W6 – 6 July

The garden at Le Gothique, Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, Wandsworth SW18 – 7 July – matinee and evening shows

Formosa Garden W9 – 10 July

Cleveland Square W2 – 11 July

Stepping Out Review

Stephen Joseph Theatre Scarborough – until 3 August 2019

Reviewed by Sara Garner


Directed by Paul Robinson – Richard Harris’s Stepping Out has all the characteristics of a summer sensation for Scarborough’s Stephen Joseph Theatre. The sold-out audience eagerly awaited the start of the play whilst listen to 80’s pop songs with anticipation.

Set in the 1980’s in a church hall Stepping Out is about a group of strangers who come together for a weekly tap dancing class. We are quickly introduced to all 10 characters in the first set and during the play we learn to love them, find out their secrets and will them to overcome personal obstacles.

We met 10 people who all have found their haven of escape for 1 hour a week and each person has their own reason for attending. We have a shy, unconfident student nurse, a nervous, sensitive bullied wife, a brash, funny and sassy lady who has an underlying vulnerability, a quiet and introverted, awkward and grieving man, a Naïve, nosy enthusiastic lady with OCD, a scatty a clumsy lady, a proud religious and energetic lady, a lady that appears intimidating and confident (but secretly is insecure). They are led by Mavis (Joanne Heywood) the proud and nurturing dance teacher who is accompanied on the piano by Mrs Frasier (Fenella Norman) who comes across as pompous and opinionated but really is undervalued and ultimately caring. The cast of 9 Women and 1 man illustrate their characters perfectly through their dance movements throughout the show. Claire Eden (Sylvia) and Suzanne Procter (Maxine) where the comedy characters for us throughout the play and their delivery of one liners had the audience roaring with laughter.

Panic reigns in Set 2 when the strangers try their best to practice for a public charity gala under the easy-going but frustrated guidance of Mavis. Tensions and nerves rise, disagreements happen, harsh words are said, bonds are made and secrets are exposed, but can they dance in perfect harmony and escape the reality of their lives for just a few minutes?

This is a collaborative cast, each character playing their part well. Stepping Out has laughter, humour, shock, tears, grief, disappointment, love, resilience and a bringing together of unlikely friendships at a crucial time to pull off a stellar performance.

You can see how much effort each cast member has put into this play throughout and particularly in the last scene which had several of us on our feet applauding. The audience where smiling throughout the performance, let’s face it what’s not to love about the sound of tap dancing. The set design and costumes was spot on for the 1980’s with leg warmers in abundance.

Written by Richard Harris over 20 years ago Stepping Out has the feel-good factor, it will leave you feeling uplifted and is truly FAB U LOUS. One not to be missed.

Avenue Q Review

King’s Theatre, Glasgow – until 29 June 2019

Reviewed by Siobhan Wilson


This adult take on The Muppets is for the more mature audience, or should I say immature? ‘Monster’ puppets, ‘Human’ puppets and humans all living on the same street in disharmony. A new graduate moves in and immediately integrates into the neighbourly dynamic whilst trying to find his ‘Purpose’ in life. One of the monster puppets is a teacher and is working on her goal of opening a Monster School. Two good friends who have lived together since college are questioning their sexuality. An engaged human couple plan their marriage. There are also the bad idea bears who try to influence those around them into having a good time. And finally, that one Monster neighbour that is all about watching porn.

At the start of the show you are very aware that the characters are puppets. The puppeteers are singing and dancing as the puppets, but by the end of the production you are just seeing the puppets as the character and you are not aware of who is holding which puppet. The puppeteer’s ability to voice 2 different characters with such different accenting is amazing. And every one of them had phenomenal voice control with regards to the singing. The puppetry added to the characterisation such as the pointed looks at the audience.

This is a laugh a minute production and with the suggestiveness in parts, I found myself laughing at comments there were innocent. The songs are hilarious and 100% relatable from ‘It sucks to be me’ to ‘Schadenfreude’ via ‘Everyone’s a little bit racist’ and ‘The Internet is for Porn’. The only disappointment for me was that the show had to end. I cannot wait to go and see this again as it is the most I’ve belly laughed in such a long time.

One Night in Miami Review

Bristol Old Vic – until 29 June 2019

Review by Nicky Wyatt


What do a Boxing world champion, a singer songwriter/producer an Nfl player come actor and a leader of the Nation of Islam party have in common?

It would seem an awful lot. These four Black men were not only great friends they all shared a passion for what they believed in and were all at the top of their respective games when One Night in Miami happened.

A one bedded room at the Hampton House Motel was the venue for the get together and celebration on that February night in 1964. The night that Cassius Clay (Conor Clean) became the world boxing champion. He was watched and supported by his 3 good friends Sam Cooke (Matt Henry), Malcolm X (Christopher Colquhoun) and Jim Brown (Miles Yekinni).

The set designed by Grace Smart is really clever, we particularly liked the palm tree. Clever lighting by Ciaran Cunningham takes you through the night

First to arrive is the immensely talented Sam Cooke (Matt Henry) he is none to impressed with the low level room on first glance, he sits playing his guitar waiting for the others to arrive, closely watched by security men Jamaal (Oseloka Obi) and Kareem (Andre Squire)

Jamaal is young , wants to please and funny . Whereas Kareem is very focused and more sombre throughout. These two guys are on stage throughout , just waiting and watching and then they jump in with perfect timing and attitude.

As the new world champion arrives along with his friends the excitement of his win carries as he relives it blow by blow. Conor is good as Cassius Clay his fast words and feet mirror the legend. Throughout the celebrations Malcom (Christopher) is carrying out security checks, is this paranoia or is he danger?

Sam and Jim (Miles) want to party properly but there are no girls or booze only Vanilla ice cream. Why is this? Because the very next day Cassius Clay will become a brother of Islam and become Muhammed Ali therefore giving up alcohol and women. It seemed a good idea until that moment he won the fight against Sony Liston now he is the champ he is not so sure.

As the evening unfolds the talk gets heated as Malcom berates his friends for playing to the white mans tune and not following their beliefs and heritage. It wasn’t true they all played their own game and were all winners in their fields. The audience around me was very mixed and diverse cultures, there were many voices agreeing and saying yes, huh huh etc which makes me believe that although the play is set in 1964 the underlying message that ‘Something’s got to change’ is still apt and true.

The NFL giant Jim(Miles) was the peacemaker throughout , who was working it his own way. For me the star of the show is Sam (Matt) his voice is absolutely superb , anyone sitting in the second row is in for a real treat!

Matthew Xia Director has done a brilliant job of Kemp Powers play it is undoubtedly the best theatre I have seen in a long time.

Full Cast for MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY in London




Executive producer Björn Ulvaeus and producer Ingrid Sutej are delighted to announce the cast for MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY, the new immersive theatrical and dining experience opening in a specially adapted venue within The O2 London this summer, with performances beginning on 29 August 2019.

The London cast will include Fed Zanni as Nikos, Steph Parry as Kate, Joanna Monro as Debbie, AJ Bentley as Adam, Julia Imbach as Kostantina, Elin König Andersson as Bella, Kimberly Powell as Nina, Pauline Stringer as Grandma, Gregor Stewart as Fernando, with Linda John-Pierre playing Debbie at certain performances and Allie Ho Chee playing Bella at certain performances.  Also in the cast are Molly Cleere, Jessica Spalis, Dawn Spence and Matthew Wesley.  The musicians will be John Donovan, Luke Higgins, Kathryn Tindall, Steve Rushton and Mark Pusey.

Created by ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus, MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY is a new and unique entertainment concept that puts guests in the heart of the action. Over the course of more than four hours, they can enjoy a spectacular show, a three-course gourmet Mediterranean meal and an ABBA disco all in one unforgettable evening.

MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY is set in a taverna on the island of Skopelos, where most exteriors of the first MAMMA MIA! film were shot. Nikos and his wife Kate run this exotic and wonderful restaurant together with their family and friends. Told through dialogue and ABBA songs, a warm, romantic and funny story evolves and unfolds during the evening, taking place around the guests as they sit at their tables enjoying a delicious Greek meal. The evening ends with the main floor transforming into a 1970s disco, where audience members are welcome to stay to  sing and dance to original ABBA recordings.

MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY has music and lyrics by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus (some songs with Stig Anderson), and a story by Calle Norlén, Roine Söderlundh and Björn Ulvaeus, adapted for the UK by writer, comedian and broadcaster Sandi Toksvig.

The London version of MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY, which originally opened in Stockholm in January 2016 and is now in its fourth sold-out year, will be co-directed by Roine Söderlundh and Stacey Haynes, with set designed by Bengt Fröderberg, costumes designed by Annsofi Nyberg, lighting designed by Patrick Woodroffe and sound designed by Gareth Owen.

MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY is produced by Björn Ulvaeus and Ingrid Sutej for MM! The Party Ltd.


Peninsula Square
London SE10 0DX
Until 18 November 2019: Mondays & Wednesdays to Sundays at 7.30pm, Saturdays & Sundays at 1pm
From 19 to 25 November 2019: Wednesday to Sunday at 7.30pm, Saturday & Sunday at 1pm*
From 26 November 2019: Tuesdays to Sundays at 7.30pm, Saturdays & Sundays at 1pm
(*N.B. No performances Tuesday 19 & Monday 25 November 2019)

Tickets: From £135 (plus booking fees), to include admission and meal (drinks extra)

Box Office: / 0844 844 9545

Currently Booking to 16 February 2020

Recommended Age: 5+Website:
Facebook, Instagram: @mammamiapartyuk

kinky Boots Review

REVIEW: Kinky Boots (Sunderland Empire) ★★★★★

June 26, 2019 

For: West End Wilma

Shoes really are ‘the most beautiful thing in the world’ as Kinky Boots sashays in to Sunderland as part of the UK tour

The true story of W. J. Brookes, who was featured in a BBC documentary, inspired the film Kinky Boots which inspired this fabulous musical. With a book by Harvey Fierstein and music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper – American theatre royalty have sent this story of this small Northampton firm world wide.

After the sad death of his father, Charlie Price (Joel Harper-Jackson) inherits Price and Son, the family shoe making business in Northampton. Charlie had left home to live in London with fiancee Nicola (Helen Ternent) and returns to the factory with the idea of closing it down and giving the loyal staff notice after dwindling sales. Factory worker Lauren (Paula Lane) points out that other shoe factories have diversified to keep sales and tells Charlie he needs to find his niche market, which he finds accidentally in the form of Lola (Kayi Ushe) a stunningly glamorous 6 foot Drag Queen. Charlie decides the factory needs to make heels that will take the weight of men and will show the new product in Milan.

Lauper’s score will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. From everyone belly laughing at The History of Wrong Guys performed with perfect comic timing by Lauren, to the breathtaking Hold me in Your Heart by Lola which had audience members living every word and the stunning Not My Father’s Son dueted Lola and Charlie.

Joel Harper-Jackson was superb. His vocal ability was astonishing and he such empathy and really captured the audience and held us throughout the show. However, the standout performance of this show, was Kayi Ushe as the incomparable Lola, who served fabulous sass, iconic movement and soul destroying vocals all packed into this one performance. Ushe managed to have the audience crying with laughter in one moment and weeping with emotion in the next.

The ensemble were, as always, astounding. Whether they were Lola’s backing dancers – The Angels (the very beautiful Connor Collins, John J Dempsey, Damon Gould, Joshua Lovell, Chileshe Mondelle and Toyan Thomas-Browne) or factory workers – Don (Demitri Lampra) who finds Lola a challenge to his masculinity, factory manager George (Adam Price) and Pat (Lizzie Bea),

Harry (Joshua St Clair), Trish (Niki Evans) and the other members of the ensemble, completely lifted the show, each having the most incredibly believable stories and influences backing up their individual characters. It never fails to amaze me just how high those dancers can get their legs (and just how sparkly Gregg Barnes costumes are). They really were the ultimate ensemble – providing great entertainment and talent on their own, whilst supporting the rest of the show. The cast were doing some publicity shots as I arrived at the theatre and I ended up stood at the side of Toyan Thomas-Browne whose gorgeous shapely legs finished at the height of my shoulders. It can make you feel quite dowdy when you stand next to such a stunningly beautiful performer.

Kinky Boots is a beautiful story of acceptance, acceptance of others but also of yourself. The ending will have you on your feet and sends you home with a spring in your step and joy in your heart.










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Evening Standard

Singer and screen icon Anita Harris joins the cast of Cabaret in the role of Fraulein Schneider, for the upcoming 2019 UK tour of this multi award-winning production of Kander and Ebb’s ground-breaking musical.

Anita first rose to fame as a singer in the 1960s, beginning a lifelong career as a performer and actress. She has appeared both on screen (Follow That Camel and Carry on Doctor) and on stage, most notably as Grizabella in the West End’s Cats.

 Anita joins the previously announced John Partridge as Emcee and Kara Lily Hayworth as Sally Bowles. Further casting to be announced in due course.

It’s 1931, Berlin is a haven of divine decadence and the legendary Sally Bowles is about to take stage at the infamous Kit Kat Klub…

The production is presented by Bill Kenwright, and opens at Bromley’s Churchill Theatre from 28 August. The tour will then continue onto WolverhamptonNottingham, Crawley, Chester, Dublin, Belfast, Leicester, Shrewsbury, Hull, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Malvern Peterborough, Sunderland, Oxford, Wimbledon, Manchester, Leeds, Canterbury, Sheffield, Cardiff and Stoke, with further dates and venues to be announced in due course.

Cabaret features show-stopping choreography, dazzling costumes and iconic songs, including ‘Money Makes the World Go Round’, ‘Maybe This Time’ and ‘Cabaret’. Directed by critically acclaimed Rufus Norris (Director of The National Theatre) and featuring the Olivier Award Winning Choreography by Javier De Frutos, the production has enjoyed two smash hit West End runs at The Lyric and The Savoy theatres.


Bromley Churchill Theatre                            

Wed 28 – Sat 31 August                                           020 3285 6000

Wolverhampton Grand Theatre                

Tues 03 – Sat 07 September                                    01902 429 212   

Nottingham Theatre Royal                              

Tues 10 – Sat 14 September                                 0115 989 5555

Crawley Hawth Theatre                                   

Tues 17 – Sat 21 September                                   01293 553 636           

Chester Storyhouse                                         

Tues 24 – Sat 28 September                                  01244 409 113

Dublin Bord Gais Energy Theatre                  

Tues 01 – Sat 05 October                                         +353 (1) 677 7999

Belfast Grand Opera House                             

Tues 08 – Sat 12 October                                         028 9024 1919

Leicester Curve                                                 

Tues 15 – Sat 19 October                                         0116 242 3595

Shrewsbury Theatre Severn                     

Tuesday 22 – Sat 26 October                                   01743 281 281

Hull New Theatre                                             

Tues 29 October – Sat 02 November                      01482 300 306

Edinburgh Festival Theatre                               

Tues 05 – Sat 09 November                               0131 529 6000

Aberdeen His Majesty’s Theatre                    

Tues 12 – Sat 16 November                                   0122 464 1122

Malvern Festival Theatre                                 

Tues 19 – Sat 23 November                                   01684 892 277

Peterborough New Theatre                          

Tues 21 – Sat 25 January                                        

Sunderland Empire                                           

Tues 28 January – Sat 1 February                          0844 871 3022

Oxford New Theatre                                        

Tues 04 – Sat 08 February                                       0844 871 3020

Wimbledon New Theatre                            

Tues 18 – Sat 22 February                                       0844 871 7647

Manchester Palace Theatre                          

Tues 25 – Sat 29 February                                       0844 871  3019

Leeds Grand Theatre                                     

Tues 03 – Sat 07 March                                            0844 848 2700

Canterbury Marlowe Theatre               

Tues 10 – Sat 14 March                                            01227  787 787

Sheffield Lyceum                                              

Tues 17 – Sat 21 March                                            0114 249 6000    

Cardiff Wales Millennium Centre          

Tues 24 – Sat 28 March                                            029 2063 6464

Stoke Regent Theatre                         

Tues 31 March – Sat 04 April                                0800 912 6971

Mel B announces intimate Leeds Show







Fresh from the success of the Spice Girls sell-out tour, her Sunday Times best selling autobiography, ‘Brutally Honest’ and her explosive Piers Morgan Life Stories interview the loudest, proudest Spice Girl has announced an exclusive, intimate ‘in conversation’ style show in her home town of Leeds.

Melanie will be appearing at the Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House on Sunday 25th August. Tickets for the show go on sale on Wednesday 26th June at 10am via

The Grand’s General Manager Ian Sime said“We are thrilled to be hosting Mel at Leeds Grand Theatre & Opera House. Mel is no stranger to our venue having performed as a young girl on our stage with Leeds Amateur Operatic Society  – it’s truly incredible what she has gone on to achieve both with the Spice Girls and as an individual artist. A proud ‘Leeds lass’, it seems only fitting that Mel comes home to tell her story to those who know her best. It is going to be a fabulous evening, and I dare say one not to be missed.”

Fans will get a rare chance to get up close and personal with the star as she reveals the real truth behind the headlines, with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions. The live show will support Women’s Aid for whom she is a patron.   Mel will also be inviting survivors of domestic abuse from a local Leeds refuge along.

As one-fifth of the iconic Spice Girls and judge on X Factor and America’s Got Talent, Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, has been an international star since the age of 19. And yet there are sides of Mel that no one has ever seen or really known. 

The show will examine every aspect of Mel’s life, from where she began to where she is today.  Mel’s self-effacing, mercurial story-telling will shatter your illusions in every way possible. The show takes the Spice Girls sell out reunion as its starting point and will zigzag back and forth through an exceptional life story.   The show will also feature never-before-seen video content.

With deep personal insight, remarkable frankness and Melanie’s trademark Yorkshire humour, this event removes the mask of fame and reveals the mother, wife and daughter behind the Spice Girl everyone thinks they know. 

Melanie said: “ I’m so honoured to be sharing my story – good and bad – because I kept so many things secret for so long out of shame and I have learnt over these past few years that through talking, through sharing you learn and you make real bonds with people. This is a first for me. I want to make it very special, very real and very intimate. I know there will be tears but I am also hoping for few laughs too because that’s the woman I am – as you will discover.”

Melanie will be interviewed by co-author of her book and trusted friend, the celebrity journalist, Louise Gannon.

Louise commented, “Having spent years of my life talking to Melanie Brown I know there are so many sides to her that people don’t always see – there is Mel B the Spice girl, the gobby, Scary outrageous star but there is another Melanie, the real Melanie Brown and the real Melanie is one hell of a woman as everyone is about to find out. It’s exciting to be doing this very exclusive event in the company of those who mean the most to her – her family and those who know her best. I have no idea what to expect – that is always the deal with Melanie – but I can guarantee it will be an unforgettable night.”

As well as the enormous highs she has experienced in her life, Melanie will also touch on the dark times; talking openly and honestly about the struggles, pain and coercive control she experienced in her most recent marriage and how it culminated in an attempt to take her own life. The domestic abuse Melanie suffered has led her to become an ambassador for the charity, Women’s Aid.

Teresa Parker, Head of Communications at Women’s Aid, said, “Melanie bravely sharing her story helps other women, and we know what a difference it makes. Women are telling us they are seeking support after hearing her speak. We are so grateful to Melanie for helping to raise vital funds and awareness for Women’s Aid through these shows. She is a courageous and inspirational woman, and we are proud that she is our patron.”

Melanie will be joined, on stage, for part of the interview, by her mum, Andrea, sister Danielle and daughter, Phoenix who will add their own funny memories and anecdotes of life with Melanie.

They will also talk candidly with Louise and Melanie about their experiences of coping with and supporting a loved one who is in an abusive relationship, which resulted in a seven-year estrangement. Warm, relatable and of course, ’Brutally Honest’ this will be an evening not to be missed.

The show will be produced by Jet TV’s Yvonne Alexander, executive producer on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, NHS Heroes Awards and The Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards.

Yvonne commented, “We are thrilled to be working with Melanie on this. She is a brilliant storyteller with an awesome sense of humour and there are bound to be loads of laughs as well as some emotional moments. We are also delighted to have the brilliantly talented celebrity journalist, Louise Gannon, on board as interviewer”

Melanie’s relentless enthusiasm against all odds and refreshingly blunt compulsion towards honesty will make this shos the hottest tickets in town.