Tom and Bunny Save the World Review

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Assembly Box – until 28 August


A deadly virus has been unleashed upon the world and the only people who can save the day are geek Tom (Jamie Mawson) and free spirit Bunny (Robyn Grant).  There plan is to get to Yorkshire, to Leeds, to make sure Bunny’s family and pet dog Cliff are okay.

On their way there they pick up Vet Gareth (Luke Dunford) from a strange farm in Wales and the threesome end up at a research lab in Nottingham. Here they meet Kai (Rosie Raven) a mechanic who worked at Porton Down and heavily pregnant Pearl (Allie Monro) a Scientist trying to find a cure for the zombies now invading the land.

All the while they are being watched on CCTV from a bunker in Scotland by Mike (Jonny Holbek) who is Kai’s partner.

This is full of humour and some fantastic musical pieces, mostly played on guitar by Holbek.  There is a gritty and at points worrying story at it’s heart but the jokes compound the piece without turning serious silly.

I can’t give away the plot as you need to see the show for yourselves but being a Northern woman I was proud of this show

This is Fat Rascal Theatre’s second show at this years fringe (the other being Buzz the Musical at the Pleasance Courtyard), proving just how multi talented they are doing two totally different shows every day.  It’s a tight ensemble and they all work well together.  Another must see show from this fabulous company

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