Tom Binns is Ian D Montfort Review

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Assembly George Square – until 28 August. ┬áReviewed by Joanne Gordon


The third Ian Talk by Ian D Montfort (Tom Binns) is all about “proving there is no need to provide proof that his methods work by providing evidence that evidence does not matter” !

Stood barefoot and donned in his ying yang wolf top, Ian certainly looks the part. You enter the performance believing you are going to see someone take the proverbial out of the celebrity “psychics” we are all aware of . Heavily dependant on audience participation, Ian, with the help of his Indian spirit guide (Raj, a call centre worker from Mumbai) brings messages from the other side and surprisingly gets most of the personal information correct!

We see the spirit of Shakespeare (his first appearance at the fringe) correctly quote a passage from his works previously circled by a member of the audience, there is a visit from Churchill himself, guessing his quote written on a British fiver, proven to be him as he wasn’t around when these fivers were invented and a very impressive moment involving various wallet cards from the audience (including mine ) which left me in awe! Very funny throughout and the accuracy he delivers will have even the most cynical of us turned into believers!

He is either a comic genius or the seventh son of a seventh son, I cant decide!

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