The Wellspring Review

Yvonne Arnaud – until 1st June 2022

Reviewed by Heather Chalkley


Barney and David Owen Norris are accomplished writers and performers, so expectations are high. They didn’t disappoint with this unique piece, bravely sharing their father son relationship and how their lives have paralleled up to this point. Director Jude Christian has melded the music and dialogue in such a way that you feel part of the story, living the moments with them.

Barney and David Owen make it look easy, with calm and collected delivery of both oral and musical performance. Whether you are a fan of classical piano music or not, David Owen’s ease and confidence draws you in to timeless moments of play. Simply beautiful. The dialogue gives you just enough without being over descriptive. Weaving in a small amount of song brings to life moments beyond words. The origins of the play shone through, bringing to life the book of interviews previously written by Barney about his dad’s music. The honesty in their performance shines a light on the strong bond they have and the exemplary professionals that they are. The whole piece is like an abundant scrap book of memories brought to life.

The visual imagery gives you context and insight into their lives, with old film footage of Barney’s growing years with his dad. The image of a 2 cog clock-like time piece, showing the different places Barney and David Owen are at the same time, is a creative way to show you where their lives parallel and where we are in the story.

This is a gentle play that demands your attention, both to capture the memories and to listen to the music. Be prepared to be wowed in the most relaxed way possible!