The Tiger Who Came to Tea Review

New Victoria Theatre Woking – until Sunday 17 October 2021  

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge  


The Tiger Who Came to Tea the amazing book that we all know written by Judith Kerr has come alive, adapted and directed by David Wood. 

The Story of a family that when Dad goes to work the day ticks by with many visitors such as the Milkman the Postman, until The Tiger Comes to Tea!  

The first thing that I loved about this production was that the set was beautifully done and exactly like the book, that we all know and have read to our children a million times over! 

The cast gave a fantastic performance, was very enthusiastic and had the best interaction especially with the children. To be honest I had so much enjoyment watching all the children be so engaged with the cast at all times, that it put a massive smile on my face throughout. 

The dad (David Scotland) who played many parts including the Milkman, Postman and Tiger played all characters skilfully, especially with his first appearance of being the tiger and hiding from his cast members and asking the children “is someone there” with the children screaming “YES THE TIGER IS THERE”. 

Sophie (Abbey Norman) and Mummy (Lizzie Dewar) also offered great interaction and a fabulous performance that every child in the theatre loved to the full with great delight. 

Then there was more… some fabulous singing that had the whole audience joining in (including parents) and at one point the little boy sitting behind me roared on request so loud that he made me jump, showing me just how much enjoyment was had. 

I felt the need to ask my daughter at the end of the show how many stars she would rate it. She straight away replied 5***** and so that’s what it deserved. Because to be fair this show is all about the kids and the amusement for us parents, is just to see those lovely smiles on their faces which for me was the whole theatre! What a lovely uncomplicated, encouraging, fun performance to make our little ones happy.