The Princess and the Dragon Review

New Wimbledon Theatre Studio – until 10th July 2022

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge  


Wimbledon Studio brings you the story of The Princess and the Dragon. Isola (Charlotte Ellen) is a princess with much ambition, but her time is now to become a Queen, where she is locked up in a tower by her father waiting for the perfect suiter to take her hand in marriage. But Isola is unhappy as she wants the freedom to be able to choose in life for herself. She didn’t choose to be princess and underneath it all she feels she’s just like everyone else. During her time locked up in the tower she makes friends with Dragon (Emily Carding) who flies up daily to visit her and keep her company. Together the two form a friendship and when Dragon sees that Isola is sad and unhappy knowing that he is also very lonely. He hatches a plan to give her the freedom she so truly wants and the company and friendship that he longs for. He offers to fly her away from all the expectations, onto a new adventure with no more rules or limits to a brave new world where she can be set free. Isola jumps at the chance and jumps onto his back where he whisks her away to his cave. She soon realises that things are not so great after all and that living in a cave with a dragon who keeps telling her what to do and leaving her to go out flying, again makes her feel trapped only in another way. From the cave she can see her whole kingdom that was once hers and decides to go back and talk to her parents. She feels her story is waiting and she’s going to let her heart lead her and in order to get home, courage will come from within. Dragon on the other hand is furious she is leaving and thinks she is ungrateful as he feels he has given her the world.  

This production is about friendship and how we treat others along with the outcome and responsibilities of our actions. It was fun to watch with some great songs and adventures along the way. Full of emotions such as happiness and sadness and about finding out who you really are. 

The set was very simple but had lots to offer in small props in order to tell the story with great costumes. Because it was a small venue it just felt more personal, and the children really seemed to enjoy themselves. I especially enjoyed the fact that the children could meet the Princess and the Dragon at the end and have their photo taken, making it even more special for the little ones. All in all, a very enjoyable production that is great for kids as well as adults