The Marriage of Kim K Review

The Lowry Theatre, Salford – until Saturday 16 November  2019 

Reviewed by Sarah Cockerill


It’s the year 2011. Beauty vloggers are on the rise and watching a Louis Theroux documentary is perceived as left-field entertainment. Oh, and of course as we all remember, it’s the year of the wedding of the century with reality TV royalty, Kim Kardashian marrying her prince charming, NBA star, Kris Humphries and everyone, including Amanda (Rebecca Mcauley) is glued to their screens watching their relationship unravel before our very eyes.

Amanda is a twenty-something reality TV lover, but her partner, Mike (Jack Herauville) couldn’t care less about who’s who in the Kardashian clan and would far rather enjoy real art. In a bid to find something they can both enjoy together, he suggests that they watch Mozart’s timeless opera, The Marriage of Figaro, instead.

Switching between two screens, a sofa and three complicated relationships, the lines between reality and TV are blurred, and the audience are taken on a rollercoaster ride filled with electronic pop music, a Magic Mike-style dance number, and soprano notes for the duration of the show.

Opera North alumna, Charlotte Trepess, and in-demand concert singer, John Ieuan Jones, outshone the rest of the cast with their vocal range, comedic timing and regal stage presence.

The Marriage of Kim K wraps up at The Lowry Theatre, Salford this Saturday 16th November but Leo & Hyde’s musical production continues to tour around the country, visiting London, Sheffield and Keswick throughout November.