The Good Enough Mums Club is based on a group of women thrown together to overcome all of the highs and lows that we share in motherhood. From drooping boobs, peeing on the test sticks to sleep deprivation and babies being sick in your hair, this group of ladies seemed to have covered it all.

What we saw last night was almost a run through of the story, being introduced to the five main characters and hearing the songs from the musical, which should be a full blown production in roughly 12-18 months time.

These sessions are touring across the UK are also chances for the audience to become involved and also share their own experiences of being a parent whether it be good, hilariously funny or sad. There was a brief Q&A session where mic’s were passed along to brave audience members who wanted to share stories to questions such as ‘Tell us about a time that your little one did something to embarrass you in front of others?’ or ‘What did you discover about parenthood yourself that no-one ever told you about?’ The Birmingham crowd certainly had some interesting tales to tell indeed!

The five main mums are from different backgrounds and also going through different experiences of being a parent, but throughout the journey realise that they are stronger as a group and that just sometimes being ‘good enough’ is best.

Very basic stage set up at the moment as we see the main cast, Pam, Esme, Sophie, Chantel and Michelle sat with their music stands in front of them to read through what they have put together so far for the musical. Emily Beecher is the producer from The Recreate Agency which is an all female led agency aiming to get as many women back into the Arts doing something they love after having children.

Emily shared with us that she was finally diagnosed with post natal depression many months after the birth of her baby, also after having postpartum psychosis before she finally realised that she wasn’t just a ‘rubbish’ mum, she actually had a condition and then could be finally treated for it. From Emily’s story the musical has been born.

The songs were touching, relative and some extremely funny (Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Tits for example), this production will certainly be one to look out for during 2022/2023.