The Da Vinci Code Review

Richmond Theatre – until 7th May 2022

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge  

4.5 **** 

Credit: Johan Persson

Based on the bestselling novel by Dan Brown comes The Da Vinci Code adapted to theatre for all to see. When the custodian Sauniere (Andrew Lewis) of the famous Louvre Museum has been found ruthlessly and savagely murdered. With a star drawn in blood and a pentacle on his chest. Some thinking it could be signs of devil worship although as clues start to unravel in the form of different coding. it soon becomes apparent that what they are looking into has involvement and a connection with the great Leonardo Da Vinci. Now realising this case may consist of something greater and the need to protect some form of an ancient secret! Whilst all suspicion falls on Professor Robert Langdon (Christopher Harper) a very chatty knowledgeable and clever expert that is obsessed with his symbols and coding being his life’s work. He wants to clear his name and when he meets Sophie (Hannah Rose Caton) a cryptologist who is also the deceases granddaughter she is smart and very clever and believes her grandfather was involved in something much bigger!  Together will they be able to unravel the reason of his death whilst helping him to clear his name and prove his innocence. As they embark on their journey, they enlist the help of a friend Sir Leigh Teabing (Danny John–Jules) an educated and knowledgeable, very assertive sharp and quick explainer. As the three continue to work out the clues and the riddles before they run out of time and all is lost. 

This production was a good watch but moved at a very packed pace! There was defiantly a lot to take in and in a short amount of time. Many scene changes were coming fast and quick but none the less they were cleverly done.  Visually it was very satisfying and entertaining to watch with coding and words projected all over the stage as well as pictures and sketches drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci in full vision. Although serious it did offer some light humour throughout breaking up the tension.  All In all, a fantastic gripping and compelling show that is definitely worth a watch.