The Cher Show Review

Hull New Theatre – until 7th May 2022

Reviewed by Catherine McWilliams


The Cher Show is the best show you will see this year, to put it simply – WOW! Broadway arrived at Hull New Theatre last night. If 6 stars were available, this would be the show that I gave them for. I was not alone in my views either, at the end of the performance the audience were on their feet and the roar of approval was the loudest I can remember at Hull New Theatre.

The Cher Show charts the early years and career of Cher and with a book written by Rick Elice, it takes a rather novel approach to the story. There is not one Cher but three fabulous Chers, each one telling her story at a different stage in her career. I loved this concept as the three Chers interacted with one another, offering advice (with the wisdom of age!), bickering and singing together. The music was also used very cleverly, with songs not being in chronological order of release, parts of songs being sung or reprised, and songs being sung at a slightly different tempo.

Millie O’Connell plays Babe, the very young Cherilyn Sarkisian who is bullied for being different but discovers a love of singing. She plays her with just the right amount of naivety and gaucheness, capturing the early Cher’s gawkiness and shyness beautifully. Her performance of “I Got You Babe” with Sonny (Lucas Rush) was absolutely spot on. Her singing voice is fabulous, whether she was singing solo or singing with the other Chers.

Danielle Steers takes over the story as Lady when Cher has divorced Sonny and is beginning to take control of her life. She was absolutely outstanding and has the most incredible voice, this is a part that could have been written especially for her.

Debbie Kurup brings us up to date as Star, and her success as an actor, despite her dyslexia, her illness and yet again her reinvention as a singer. She plays the part with the older Cher’s self-belief and confidence together with a despair as she watches her younger self. She has a fabulous voice and this was another outstanding performance.

Whilst the Chers are the stars of the show, the entire cast are outstanding. Lucas Rush was wonderful in their role as Sonny and Tori Scott plays Georgia, Cher’s mother, perfectly. Jake Mitchell was fabulous as Cher’s dress designer Bob Mackie. Special mention must go to Sam Ferriday who very convincingly took on four very different roles Greg Allman, Rob Camilletti, Phil Spector and John Southall.

The entourage were superb and Oti Mabuse’s choreography added to the fabulousness of the show. Gabriella Slade’s costumes were wonderful, glitzy and glamorous and Tom Roger’s set design was deceptively simple but very effective.

Cher’s story is one of not giving up and of picking yourself up and starting again, and of hard work. A story of becoming her own person, a lesson for us all and it was very apt that “Believe” was not used as a blockbuster song but was sung between the Chers as encouragement to keep going.

When I arrived at the theatre last night, I have to admit that I was not excited by the thought of this show as I am not really a Cher fan. Now I am prepared to shout it from the rooftops that this is an utterly fabulous show that you miss at your peril. It is just beginning it’s UK tour so you really have no excuse – get yourself a ticket to the best show this year.