The Brothers Grimm Present: Cinderella Review

The Barn Theatre, Cirencester – until 2nd January 2022

Reviewed by Josie Aburrow Smith


The story of Cinderella is one we all know. This is different; it is from the perspective of the Brothers Grimm. The show starts with The Brothers Grimm, Wilhelm and Jakob arguing over a new story. Then a young girl, Cinderella, arrives and we are launched into the fairy tale. Throughout the story there is fantastic musicianship. The actors each double up playing either the clarinet, double bass, accordion or violin. This makes it a different show to your standard Christmas panto or fairy tale.

There is a brilliant performance by Jesse Ashby who is the bearded stepmother (along with other characters). The stepsisters (Emily Panes and Anna Fordham) are snarling, giggling bullies. Together with the stepmother they make a great trio on the stage.

Cinderella (Tanya Bridgeman) is delightful to watch. Her interaction with a puppet bird was captivating. The Prince (Matthew Romain) is amusing and lovable is a hapless sort of way. The love story between him and cinderella is enchanting. 

This show is a mixture of song, illusion, puppetry,animation and music. It was a joy to see musical instruments being played on the stage. My 9 year old also watched the show and it was pure delight to watch her face being captivated by what was happening on the stage.

The Brothers Grimm Present: Cinderella, was written by Alan Pollock and composed & arranged by Tarek Merchant. Directed by Francesca Goodridge with design by Cory Shipp, musical direction by Dylan Townley, movement direction by Jodie Cole and Christina Fulcher, casting direction by Polly Jerrold, lighting design by Sam Rowcliffe-Tanner, sound design by Harry Smith and animation by Bryony Collishaw and Benjamin Collins.