Stay Happy, Keep Smiling

A professional world premiere from Bruntwood Prize Winner, Anna Jordan. MAP Rep’s first full show proves that Manchester Actors’ Platform and 53two are continuing to tackle the bigger subjects and create innovative and groundbreaking theatre.

What has been seen cannot be unseen. Six eyewitnesses to a gruesome terrorist attack in broad daylight. Their lives are changed irrevocably, but how? Rita cannot hold her son. Tony does jigsaw puzzles and counts his wife’s breaths. Elliot must face up to who he really is. Farrah is forced to reconnect with a past long forgotten. Annie starts to feel again. And Stefan feels nothing.

‘Stay Happy Keep Smiling’ is a fictionalised exploration of the lives of ordinary people following an extraordinary event. Jordan’s writing is punchy and intensely truthful, asking difficult questions on how we deal with an all too common occurrence in the 21st century world: terrorism: It’s aftermath, what effects it has and the ripples beyond the event into our own worlds.

A production brought to you by newly formed MAP Repertory company.

Running 17-21 October


Tix: £7 online/£8 door